Contest: Big Papi Humidor Giveaway

Stogie Press has partnered with one of our premium sponsors , Tobacalera El Artista, to give away a Big Papi humidor, in celebration of the 2018 Red Sox making it to the World Series. If you are a Red Sox fan you want to get into this contest, sorry, but you have to fill the humidor with you own cigars.

This contest is easy, all you have to do is post your favorite baseball photo and tag it with #ElArtistaCigars  #DoDamageWithBostonJimmie and #StogiePress on Instagram and/or Facebook. Tell us in the post, who will win the World Series and in how many games.

Those that pick the correct winner and number of games will be entered in a random drawing for the prize.

You get one entry for each post and I will give you an extra entry for each photo that includes an El Artista cigar product in it. Good luck and enjoy the 2018 World Series.

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