A Visit to Cuban Crafters Cigar Store and Factory – A must see in Miami

Cuban Crafters

If you ever visit Miami for business or pleasure and are a cigar enthusiast, one of the stops I am sure you would make is to Calle Ocho in Little Havana. It is a quaint part of town that maintains the Cubanesque feel from those that settled there during the Cuban Crisis in the 1960s. You can read all about Little  Havana in the article we wrote a few years ago.

Today I would like to take you across town to the NW section of Miami to a shop that is a must see destination if you are in Miami. The shop is Cuban Crafters and you may have dealt with them online to purchase cigars and accessories but the experience you will have at the brick in mortar is second to none. Cuban Crafters

As drive up tot he shop, which you can’t help but notice do to its enormous presence on the street, you will note the parking located in front of the building under a covered opening. There is ample parking but if you are there during an event you may have to park on the street.  Stepping back from the building you should take it all in. This is not your every day mom and pop shop in your town. Remember, this is a shop and a factory which you will see more of as you read the article.

As you enter the building from the covered parking area you might be a bit overwhelmed with the size of the shop. Straight ahead is is a Barber Shop – yep, need a haircut? This is the place to go.  They even have a massage table if you are a bit stressed out, but I find a good cigar relieves that any day. Then after, pick a fine cigar and find a seat in the lounge area to relax and enjoy the day.

Over to the left of where you enter, in the back, you will spot the large walk in humidor that must have over a 1000 facings of cigars. I am sure you can find something that agrees with your palate in there. It stretches about half the length of the building.

Opposite of the humidor across the floor,  looking out the front of the shop,  is a set of rolling tables where the toreadors ply their craft during the day. Of course I was there in the evening so I did not get to experience that other than the pictures of the tables, molds, and presses.

Besides the collection of fine cigars and factory there is also an ample supply of apparel including hats and shirts along with a wide selection of humidors and even a fine assortment of domino tables for purchase. I am sure one these tables would look great in your man-cave or she-hut.

As far as sitting areas, there was plenty of spots to sit and relax over to the right of the entrance including a coffee bar and lounge area with numerous flat screen televisions. I have to say the leather seat rocking chairs were very comfortable. The only issue I had was the TV’. They were all tuned to the same channel. I feel  that could be improved.

One last note is the large back room that is used for catering parties. It has a long bar and can be set up with tables and chairs that can accommodate well over a 100 people. So if you want host a large herf, this is the place to do it.

Cuban Crafters

Cuban Crafters

I was there for a huge event – the Black Smoke Miami – and we packed the back room. The only complaint I heard was there could be better ventilation for the size of a crowd we had.

Overall,  the Cuban Crafters Cigar Shop and Factory should be on your list of must visits when you come to Miami. The staff was pleasant, always offering us tastes of their home-made Cafe Cubano coffee, and were available to assist in whatever way they could. They are extremely cigar knowledgeable and will help you in selecting the right cigar for your smoking pleasure. There is only one rest room but it was clean even with the large crowd that was there the night I visited. Don’t forget this is also a factory and they produce their own line of cigars that are very reasonably priced – just check out their site to see the value.

The Cuban Crafters Cigar Shop and factory is located at 604 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33125. Phone: (305) 573-0222

Hours of operation are  · 8AM–11PM

As you leave don’t forget to give the wooden Indian a little rub or pat on the head for good cigar luck as he is always looking our for you!

Cuban Crafters

Cuban Crafters


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