Diesel Shorty Ltd – Cigar Review

Shorty Diesel

Shorty Diesel

Cigars, Baseball, and Dogs..what cant be better. These have to be my top three things in life to enjoy after work. Well toss in two nights with Shorty Ros‎si and you have a recipe for some fun. Don Yeyo Cigars, my local Brick and Mortar in Dearborn, MI recently had an event with Shorty and also Drew Estate. It was a pleasure to meet up with Shorty again, as the last time we chatted was at the IPCPR Convention in Vegas. I decided this particular night I would start off with a Diesel Shorty Limited. For those that may not know, Shorty Rossi was the star of Pit Boss, an Animal Planet TV production that follows Shorty Rossi and his Pit Bull rescue squad as they save the breed and find adoptions for them. As for the cigar, the Diesel Shorty Ltd. is a collaboration between A.J. Fernandez and Shorty Rossi. Shorty was looking for a great “go to cigar” for himself and this is the blend he came up with.


The Diesel Shorty Ltd. is a 4.5 x 60 full body stick, well maybe not a stick, more like a club. It is constructed from Nicaraguan Jalapa, Condega and Esteli fillers, Nicaraguan binder, wrapped with a shiny dark chocolate-brown Pennsylvania Broad-leaf wrapper. All the leaves are all aged 3 years. The box presentation offers a rather rustic look to it with burlap wrapped around the clubs.

Shorty is here tonight with his service dog Hercules,  one of the nicest animals you will ever meet. He lays at my feet in the shop seemingly uninterested in the cigar I am about to fire up. But like a dog, I have to sniff this club. The barrel had a nice earthy scent to it and the foot was a mix of earth and some sweetness.

I gave it  a simple double blade clip, and the draw was perfect and there was some definite earthy taste detected.

Firing it up, the Diesel Shorty it demonstrates  a solid burn and provides lots of smoke through the draw. If you are looking for a spice bomb this is not it. Instead it is a delightful smoke with notes of nuts and fruit coming through. I would say even some nutmeg on the background. The earthy notes are prominent in the first inch or so. It is surprisingly clean on the palate leaving no after taste even with all the rich creamy smoke it was producing. I like that in a cigar as the flavors don’t get confused; puff to puff.


The burn is quite outstanding for the Shorty, as it has held through the first half so far. As it approaches the second half, there is a touch of pepper developing in the retro-hale and there is some sort of floral scent wafting off the foot that I can not place.

The spice is delicately balanced with the nuts and fruit and I feel the pepper on my lips.

The ash continues to maintain itself  as I approach the final stage, and with it, there are sweet coffee flavors coming though, mixed with that early nut flavor I detected.  The pepper is stuck to the inside of my lips  and the foot of the nub wafts a nutty scent.

Is it over already? I need to get another. The Shorty is a full body cigar with a palate savoring mix of flavors. Yea this is a good “go to cigar” for sure.




And that ash? It never broke off and decided to stick around for some modeling shots.

Shorty Diesel

Shorty Diesel


Shorty Diesel

Shorty Diesel



Even Shorty himself got into the act!


It was a good night at Don Yeyo and the following night turned out to be just as spectacular as we all went to see the home town Tigers play the Royals including our designated Pit  Bull “Hercules”.


Shorty and Hercules