Discovering a Cigar Oasis on the San Antonio River Walk – On The Bend Oyster Bar & Cigar Lounge

During a recent business trip to San Antonio, I faced a familiar dilemma – finding a place to unwind with a cigar after a long day at work. However, San Antonio presented a unique challenge. The city’s popular River Walk area, with its picturesque setting and vibrant nightlife, unfortunately prohibits smoking of any tobacco product along its charming paths. Even the bars and restaurants lining the river do not permit smoking on their outdoor patios. But my quest for a cigar-friendly spot led me to a hidden gem: On The Bend Oyster Bar and Lounge.

Before even arriving in San Antonio, I stumbled upon On The Bend’s website, which provided an enticing description that had me intrigued from the start:

“With a minimalist interior of polished concrete, leather booths, and an intriguing double-decker patio – it’s the ultimate place to see and be seen. Live jazz music on the bottom deck that’s nestled into a lush tropical terrace that overlooks the riverwalk sets the perfect scene. On our secluded top deck is a rare gem — the only cigar lounge on the River Walk where you can legally enjoy the finest cigars in peace.”

After a long day of work and dinner, I eagerly ventured to this newfound cigar haven each night, often accompanied by colleagues. On The Bend is ideally situated along the riverwalk, just below the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The upper deck offers breathtaking views of the river, with tour boats cruising by, and provides ample, comfortable seating. Below, a live jazz band played nightly, creating a vibrant atmosphere that could be a bit loud if you were downstairs. However, the deck softened the music, allowing for enjoyable conversations while the band played on.

If you’re in search of cigars, On The Bend has you covered. They maintain a humidor downstairs, offering a well-curated selection of popular big brand cigars. While you won’t find small batch or boutique cigars here, the establishment is more than accommodating if you choose to bring your own. All they ask is that you order some drinks and relish the ambiance they’ve carefully crafted for cigar enthusiasts like us. They also offer a small collection of cigar accessories.

One of the standout features of On The Bend is its attentive drink and food service on the smoking deck. Patrons can enjoy their cigars while sipping on reasonably priced drinks and sampling a menu of signature cocktails, some of which are even served in souvenir glasses. It’s an inviting atmosphere that encourages you to relax and savor the moment.

The downstairs lounge, though smoke free, is still a cool place to hang out if you wish to watch sports, get out of the heat, or just enjoy the atmosphere. This is also where you will find the rest room. It is a unisex toilet so don’t be surprised who exist when you are waiting to use it. There is another located upstairs. I did find the restrooms to be clean and well attended to.

In conclusion, On The Bend Oyster Bar and Lounge is the ideal spot for cigar aficionados visiting San Antonio’s River Walk area. It offers a serene and cigar-friendly oasis where you can enjoy your favorite cigars, sip on great drinks, and bask in the beautiful surroundings. This hidden gem is a testament to the city’s rich culture and provides an unforgettable experience for both seasoned aficionados and those looking to explore the world of cigars.

I would like to give special shoutout to our waiter Armando Castillo for putting up with us to close midweek. You are awesome and as promised, here is my review of this beautiful cigar oasis.

John, Armando, Boston Jimmie

Location, Contact, Hours of Operation

On The Bend Oyster & Cigar Lounge is located at 123 Losoya St. #7, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Hours of Operation

  • Monday thru Thursday: 12pm to 12am
  • Friday & Saturday: 11am to 2am
  • Sunday: 11am to 12am
Boston Jimmie – Chilling at On The Bend Oyster and Cigar Bar – San Antonio, TX