Dram Cigars Cask #2 – 7×50 Double Corojo – Cigar Review

I recently purchased some of the new Dram Cigars at my local Brick and Mortar – Jimmy’s Cigar Lounge – in Melbourne, FL. The Dram is a new cigar line that is the brainchild of C&C cigars based out of Boca Raton, FL. These cigars have been crafted specifically to enjoy with  select whiskeys as can be seen on Dram Cigars website. There are four different blends:

  • Cask #1 – Blended to enjoy with a citrus/woody whiskey
  • Cask #2 – Blended to enjoy with a woody/spicy whiskey
  • Cask #3 – Blended to enjoy with a spicy/smokey whiskey
  • Cask #4 – Blended to enjoy with a woody/smokey whiskey

The Dram Cigars website even includes a simple graphic to help with the pairing;

dram chart2

Dram cigars are a product of the Dominican Republic and other than the wrapper the rest of the blend is left undisclosed. Tonight I sampled the Dram Cask #2 which is a 7×50 Corojo wrapped cigar.

The Cask #2 has an elegant white linen band with the blue and gold Dram logo (a silhouette of a whiskey dram glass) on it. Each Dram cigar is identified on the band by its name and three specific pieces of information; the whiskey type to be paired with it, the cigar profile, and the strength of the cigar. Additionally the wrapper type is also indicated. In the case of the Cask #2 it is a Double Corojo.

I decided to pair this with a Glenlivet 12 as I  prefer Glenlivet to Glenfiddich; but that is just my palate and I am sure Glenfiddich would be just as good.

Examining the Dram Cigars Cask #2 you will note that it is a well packed stick with a few noticeable veins on the wrapper. It has a wonderfully aged tobacco scent and the wrapper has a marbled look to it. It has a well finished cap that I  gently sliced off, just above the shoulder of the stick.  The initial draw was loose with zero restriction to it and there was some red pepper on the tongue.

As I fired it up there was a mix of pepper and citrus coming through. The ash was very dark and tighter than I expected with a bit of flake to it. As matter of fact it had an interesting burn to the cigar. The Ash was actually narrower than the body of the cigar. I have to say I never seen this in a cigar before. As it neared the 2 inch mark there was a peppery nut flavor coming in and the burn was perfect at this point.

Another observation with the Dram Cigars Cask #2 was that is did not stay lit if left for a moment without puffing. Maybe this was still a young cigar or perhaps it was just the blend, as I have experienced this with some Cuban cigars I have smoked overseas.  The retro-hale was quite smooth even with the pepper flavor and the aroma was kind of earthy almost tar like.

As it approach the end of the 2nd third, the Cask #2  developed a touch of anise and a hint of bitterness. The Ash still was holding on strong even with the relights and stayed strong well into the 2nd third. Definitely a well constructed cigar.


Unfortunately the flavors of the Cask#2 faded away through the final 3rd. The Glenlivet was helpful with the flavor but I am concerned that the cigar did not stand on its own at the end.  I can only say again, it must still be a young stogie and may need a few months to rest and breath in the humidor. I also purchased the Cask #3 that will rest till the summer before it is sampled.

I welcome any feedback on the Cask #2.

Dram Cigars Cask #2

Dram Cigars Cask #2

-Boston Jimmie