Editorial April 2016

Boston Jimmie

It’s been a busy month at Stogie Press,  as we have done a complete refresh of the site. We hope you like the new look and ease of use. We also have added some interactive content to the site.

  • Polls: we have begun creating and posting polls that are asking for your input on cigar related topics like your favorite vitola, how much you spend on a cigar, and more. We will keep these coming and encourage you to join in. Based on the early input, we can say the most favorite vitola is the Toro, we like to spend between $7.00 and $10.00 on cigar, and smoke 1-3 cigars a day usually in a cigar shop or lounge, though some of us prefer the confines of our garage, deck, or balcony.
  • Consumer Ratings: we have added a new widget at the end of every cigar review we publish. As you know we at stogie press don’t put ratings on out reviews. That will not change but here is your opportunity to rate the cigar. Just go to the end of the review and select the rating widget. Use the slide bars to enter your input on cigar qualities for that cigar. Your input will be averaged in with other,s providing consumer feedback to the manufacturers.

Santiago Dominican Republic: We are continuing to write articles over the next few months highlighting our most recent trip to Santiago our most recent being a discussion on Santiago as a city. Next up will be our visits to Domincan Big Leaguer Cigars, the Kelner Boutique Factory and Suriel Cigars, and finally the factory, farms, and processing facilities of Tabacalera El Artista S.R.L.

Giveaways: We continue to forge relationships with cigar manufacturers and shops to offer cigar contests. We would like to thank Famous Smoke for the recent Cuban Heritage sampler giveaway and Mel Shah from MBombay Tobak  for the his offering of a couple of 2 pack samplers that we just announced the winners of. Congratulation to Steve Catanese and Derek D. Carpenter. This month we will be running a Holts Cigar Giveaway featuring a sample pack of their Old Henry cigars . I will be reviewing these over the month and having just smoked the Connecticut I  can say these are no old dogs that’s for sure.

FDA: As we recently reported, it is looking more favorable that premium cigars may well be exempt from the deeming regulation on tobacco. You can read that article here. The fight is not over but it certainly looks like the government is not wanting to spend money to enforce a failed regulation idea on a high quality product that employees many across the country. .

Sponsors: Once again we would like to thank our sponsors Dominican Big Leaguer Cigars, MLB Cigar Ventures, and Valentia Cigars for their support and all the manufacturers that send us samples to review for the consumers.

Now that spring is in full swing, yes baseball has begun too,  I hope you all are getting out and enjoying your favorite cigars in the outdoors, I know I am.

Pass the word about Stogie Stogie Press and thank you for your patronage.

~Boston Jimmie

2 thoughts on “Editorial April 2016

  • I cut back on some jobs and volunteer work to write…and enjoy my puffs and reading. I like this editorial as you reach beyond home base to cover bases and hit the outfield as well. The search for interactive reading and reviews is good. I am slow reaching into the digital world in promoting and reaching folks. You inspire me. Thanks.

  • Thanks Chistopher. A little encouragement goes a long way. I appreciate your comments and let’s get togeather soon. Are you working on a new book

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