Editorial: Stogie Press Hits New Milestones – A Thank You to All and Then Some

This past week, Stogie Press hit two important milestones in our continued pursuit to bring you, our loyal readers, extensive content of the cigar lifestyle. Stogie Press has been a dream of mine for a long time and after four years from posting our first article on the Warped La Colmena, that was launched at the 2014 IPCPR, we have consistently grown year over year in viewership and sponsors. The articles have gotten better, and in addition to quality and honest cigar reviews, we also continue to offer informative articles on:

We have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing numerous brand owners and offered some terrific giveaways over the years.

This past week we hit over 250,000 views since we launched and have reached over 4,000 Instagram followers. This could not have been done with out the support of all involved which includes our followers and sponsors. If you have not surfed through the site lately check out the links above and offer us some comments.

In celebration we will be writing a series of feature articles on each of our sponsors, starting with Mike Bellody from MLB Cigar Ventures, and Francisco Almonte from DBL Cigars, each of which have been with Stogie Press from the start. These articles will highlight the brand and the owners telling their story and growth.

We will also be reaching out to brothers and sisters of the leaf who have been following us through the last four years and highlight their stories as much as they wish to divulge.

Thank you to all, it has been a dream come true and we look forward to eclipsing these numbers over the coming years.

I would especially like to thank Ryan Gallimore for his early encouragement and convincing me to make the dream true go to the first IPCPR, and my wife Dianne Vita for all her tireless help, keeping the site alive and keeping me posting even when I just want to relax and smoke a cigar.

~Boston Jimmie


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