Familia Rodriguez Tobacos LLC Introduces Left Hand Cigars

When I received the latest press release from Ryan Frank Rodriguez of Ohana Cigars, it got me thinking about what this man knows about Electrical Engineering. I mean, the company’s core line is known as the Pulse, a name that could infer many an imaginative thought, but magnetism comes to my mind as an EE. Now I see there is a new addition to the family known as the Left Hand Cigar Co. which will also be producing cigars under the supervision of Noel Rojas, who also makes the Ohana line of cigars.

Electrical Engineering 101

Why did I bring up electrical engineering? Here is an EE-101 lesson. Once I saw the name Left Hand and then saw the logo, it immediately made me think of something every Electrical Engineer learns – Fleming’s left hand rule for motors. You see, Mr. Fleming made it easy for us EE students to work out the direction of motion in an electric motor. He used a simple mnemonic, shown in the following diagram:

The left hand can be held, as shown in the illustration, so as to represent three mutually orthogonal axes on the thumb, fore finger and middle finger. Each finger is then assigned to a quantity (mechanical force, magnetic field and electric current). There ya go!  Simple-right?

Now look at the logo for the Left Hand Cigar Co. See a familiarity? The cigar seems to represent the thrust.

Of course if we go back to the original Ohana Cigar it is called the Pulse which in Electrical Engineering terms would be the Magnetic field.

Did I bore you? If I did, please accept my apologies. But I understand Ryan’s brother is an Electrical Engineer and maybe just some of that rubbed off on Ryan or then, maybe this really is a cigar designed for those southpaws out there.

Schools Out

Getting on with the announcement, Familia Rodriguez Tobacos LLC, which will now own both Ohana and Left Hand Cigar Co., will be working with Noel Rojas, who we now know, is located in an undisclosed location, somewhere in Nicaragua.  Of course we also know, from a previous Stogie Press news article, Noel will be soon opening a new cigar factory in the Dallas/Richardson Texas area.

According to Familia Rodriguez Tobacos LLC, most of the Ohana and Left Hand Cigar Co. limited release cigars, will be made at the new Texas factory. The combined company’s are excited to continue their working relationship, especially as Noel recruits experienced torcedors with big name experience from factories including, Partagas, La Corona, El Laguito etc.

Inaugural Left Hand Cigar Co. Lines

As for the Left Hand Cigar Co., they will be releasing their first 2 lines, in time for this years IPCPR in Las Vegas, NV.

Blurred Lines

The first is called “Blurred Lines” and is described as Nicaraguan Puro Barber Pole finished with a closed foot. The blend is described as:

  • Wrappers – Nicaraguan Habano & Habano Maduro
  • Binder/Fillers –  Condega, Jalapa, Ometepe

It will be available in a single toro vitola.

Left Hander

The second cigar is being called the “Left Hander” and will be effectively a Connecticut broadleaf “Pulse”. Geez, maybe this one should have been called blurred lines, but who am I to decide these names. The company says they have been working with Noel ever since they teamed up to come up with a Connecticut broadleaf cigar.

The Left Hander will also be available in a single toro vitola.

Ryan Frank Rodriguez explains the concept of the Left Hander:

The “Pulse” is the core line of Ohana, having already a Equadorian wrapper on one, and a genuine San Andres on the maduro, we are introducing this as an LHC cigar, since it will be box pressed and closed foot just like the San Andres “Pulse”, so rather than confuse our consumers,(as well as we just think this is really different) it will have the same band as the rest of Left Hand has, as well as a new name.

There you go, perfectly clear to me. The company invites all retailers interested in the Left Hand Cigar Co or Ohana lines, to contact them at [email protected].