Fernandez y Quiroga Phenom Robusto Cigar Review

It is not everyday I smoke a cigar from a new Cigar Company that I can rate as high as the Phenom from Fernandez y Quiroga cigars.
This stick looked great and smoked just as good. I did a little research and report that the Phenom is constructed from some quality tobacco:

– Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran Habano

– Binder: Nicaraguan Habano

– Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

The wrapper was smooth with a medium brown color and very fine veins. This was going to be an experience that I hope to repeat.
I clipped the head with a simple double blade cutter. The scent was nothing overpowering ad the pre-light dry draw had hints of sweet hay.  Now, as I fired it up,  there was a quick blast of spice that lasted for the first few puffs with a slight pepper retrohale. The ash quickly developed into a nice light grey color with a perfect symmetrical burn and a prefect chimney draw with a wide open flue. The smoke flowed freely.

The Fernandez y Quiroga Phenom quickly settled into a pleasant sweetness as the ash continued. There were definitely fruit flavors coming through, which I found to last throughout the smoke along with the gentle sweetness. The smoke was rich and creamy and the burn exhibited a beautiful blue smoke, that mixed well my exhaled smoke.  The retrohale was extremely smooth with no burn to the nostrils.

As the Phenom burned down the spice gently picked up near the last third along with some pleasurable notes of coffee. The finish was as pleasant as the start.
There was a little hot spot as it approached the nub, but hey, it was at the nub… and the ash was still hanging on.
Fernandez y Quiroga 15
Fernandez y Quiroga you have a winner here. The Phenom should stand up to the most discerning palate.