Football and Island Jim at the Mancave Fort Lauderdale

Island Jim

It’s football season and that means Thursday night games at your favorite brick and mortar shop. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to take a little trip down to Fort Lauderdale, FL to visit the Mancave Cigar Lounge owned and operated by two of the best Brothers of the Leaf, Brian Berk and Benjamin Grynbaum.  Not only was it fun to see old friends, but it was the 3rd game of the 2016 NFL season for the New England patriots and it was an Island Jim event also!

Before the game got started and the crowd filled in, I took a moment to walk the lounge and talk to some of the patrons.

I have been to numerous events at the Mancave and I have to say, this was one of the best. One could say it was busy because of the game, and that would make logical sense, or that this is just a great place to chill out and enjoy some fine wine or bottle beer, but the standing room only crowd by the time the game got started were buying and smoking Island Jim cigars and the man himself was not even in attendance!

The event was run by the Florida Rep, Jeff Groover. He had a small table set up as soon as you walked in. The display was simple but the cigars were selling. It seemed like everyone that walked in were curious about the Leaf by Oscar, that is, if they did not already know about the cigar. By the time Jeff introduced the brand to the Leaf Virgins they were buying 4 packs and unrolling the leaf and smoking the cigars.  Just as the Patriots dominated the Texans all night, the Island Jim cigars were the dominate smoke of choice this night at the Mancave Cigar Lounge.

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I did a review of the Mancave when they opened,  back in early 2015, which you can read here. I need to add one very important new offering from the lounge. Brian, connected with a local restaurant and you can order food in. Unlike many shops, where you end up eating takeout from  a Styrofoam  carryout container, the Mancave has stepped it up and presents the order to you on real plates with real silverware and cloth napkins. The Mancave Cigar Lounge truly exudes class.

Well the night progressed and the lounge was packed. There were raffles and giveaways at halftime and in the end, the Patriots obliterated the Texans,  as I learned on my drive back to Melbourne. FL.

If you are in South Florida and want to experience a truly enjoyable cigar night, head over to the Mancave Cigar Lounge, located at 2920 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. They have comfortable seating throughout and plenty of TVs to view the game. The shop has an outstanding collection of brands and is the only Gurkha Lounge in the state of Florida. . If you can’t get there, you can call them and they will ship nation wide. Phone: 754-200-4144 OR 954-MANCAVE (954-626-2283).