Guillermo Pena Torpedo Maduro – Cigar Review

Guillermo Pena Torpedo Maduro – Cigar Review

I was visiting my friend Brook at Paradise Cigarz in Rockledge, Florida the other day. I decided I wanted to try something new and different form what I normally enjoy. Brook turned me onto the Guillermo Pena Maduro Torpedo. He said this was one of his favorite cigars so I decided to give it the chance of a lifetime with Boston Jimmie.

Examining the cigar I will note that it has a rich brown wrapper that is practicallyveinless, smooth to the touch and just waiting to be clipped and smoked. The cigar ispuro Nicaraguan tobacco.

So I clipped the head and removed the golden wrapper at the foot, and gave it a nice sniff to see what it offered. It seems to offer a little bit of cocoa  on the nose and pre light draw. This usually means I am in for a treat. So I lit the torch and heated the foot  and puffed in my first mouthful of creamy smoke. A very nice draw; indeed. I was hit immediately with some spicy, black pepper flavor and some palate coating smoke.
As it burned there arose notes of raisins and hints of roasted coffee bean. the retro-hale was smooth, even with the spice in the flavor.   The stick got a bit squishy in the middle  but the burn was excellent.  As it progressed, the flavor profile stayed pretty consistent. There were some buttery parts to it and also continued light spice.  The wrapper developed a nice oily sheen to it about half way through.  The ash held on for almost the first half, it may have lasted a bit longer if I didn’t bump my hand on the bar.
As we glided into the final third, there was a subtle increase of complexity in the profile, I was tasting nutty but still spicy. Not quite “Kung Po” nutty spice, but it was there. This is a medium to full body cigar. It is a very decent cigar and I would recommend it to those that enjoy a good solid medium body smoke.

Guillermo Pena also has these in natural wrapper too.  They come in 3 vitolas” Toro, Torpedo, and Robusto.



Guillermo Pena ‘s are made in the Guillermo Pena factory in Miami