Holiday Cigar Giveaway

Mr. WilsonNow that we are in the holiday season,  Boston Jimmie has decided it is time for another cigar giveaway. The last one was lots of fun as everyone tried to guess the number of bands in his giant Paulaner mug on the Stogie Press Bar. This time we are going to try something a little  different.

You all  know how much Boston Jimmie enjoys a great ash.  You see his photos all the time on our Best Ash group on Facebook and also on our Best Ash page here on Stogie Press.  So here’s the contest:

  1. You have to subscribe to or already be subscribed to Stogie Press. You can go here to subscribe.
  2. You have to post a picture of your best ash on our Best Ash Facebook Page –   If you are not a member just ask to join or post to  Instagram with the hash tag #StogiePressBestAsh
  3. Post a comment on this article letting us know you have entered the contest.
  4. The Cigar you use has to be from a Boutique Brand – this is the Boutique Cigars issue of Stogie Press by the way.
  5. The contest will end Jan 6 when we will randomly pick the winner from the entries. 

The winner will receive 5 Boutique cigars from  the Stogie Press collection.

Happy  holidays and have fun. Now let’s  see those ashes!

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