INK Cigars Unadulterated Connecticut Rough Cut Cigar Review

INK Cigars, a name you may not find in every cigar shop across the country, is a small cigar brand, like many others in the industry, are trying to survive in a post FDA regulation market. One can not say if they we will survive as only the company can determine that, but I can certainly talk about their offering, the Ink Cigars Unadulterated.

Ink Cigars Unadulterated

The company’s website declares:

The INK Cigars brand’s tagline is “Unadulterated℠” which simply stated, reaffirms that we are “Pure” in our Products, Presentation and most importantly our Purpose. We celebrate our “INK Nation” lifestyle, that of living life to the fullest. Whether it be live, work and/or play we enjoy the best that life has to offer, with a passion that sets us apart from the rest.

The INK Cigars Unadulterated line has two blends that were displayed at this years IPCPR.

  • The first is a Colorado Sumatra blend that is available in only one vitola; a Corona Gordo
  • The second is an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapped cigar which is being offered in two vitolas; a Robusto and Torpedo.

For this review I sampled the Ecuadorian Connecticut Robusto which is described as:

  • Wrapper – Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Filler – Habano
  • Binder – Habano

The cigars are being produced at Estelí Cigar Factory™ S.A., winch is the same factory that produces the Don Kiki Cigar line.

Evelio Medina, Ink Cigars Managing Director, has some cigar  and tobacco in his DNA as you read their story posted on the Ink Cigars website:

The INK Cigars story originates in the late 1800’s when a 14 year old stowaway boards a ship on the coast of Spain and arrives many days later at the Port of Havana, Cuba. Within weeks of arriving to Cuba he settles in the cigar growing region of Cuba, Pinar del Rio. There he is adopted by a wealthy Spaniard as one his own and begins to work in the family cigar plantations… that boy Lorenzo Sanchez happens to be my maternal great grandfather.

That story told to me at an early age of my life by my uncles and my mother, planted the seeds to one day continue the family tradition in founding a cigar brand worthy of our heritage.

I chose to experience the INK Cigars Unadulterated as the first cigar of the day this past Saturday morning.

Cigar Review Notes

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  • Silky smooth tan wrapper
  • Well packed with no soft spots
  • Nothing over the top on the pre-light aroma just sweetnesss on the foot
  • Wrapper has a sweet peppper taste to it
  • Once opened up  with my punch, the flavor had some tea joining with the pepper sweetness
  • The first puffs were very melllow off the flame
  • Coffee, yummy coffee, makes an appearance with just a drip or two of cream
  • The coffee has a long finish
  • A sweet almond jumps in the evolving pool of flavors
  • The foot is letting off an Amaretto note – I love Coffee and Almaretto
  • So far this is a very smooth, delicious smoke,  after the first inch
  • Spice makes splash as it aproaches the second third.
  • Outstanding, medium grey long ash that is well formed
  • Everything is mixing together well
  • Dry fruit is topping of the blend
  • Touch of black pepper on my lips
  • Cream starts to intensive in the second half
  • Unadulterated ash for sure
  • Black licorice end of second third,
  • Finishes up with that Amaretto aroma and smooth creamy smoke through the nose and a spicy fruit on the palate

Overall, INK Cigars Unadulterated Connecticut was a terrific cigar to start the day. Its error free burn and tasty flavor notes had me wanting more. This is certainly a cigar one should try if they can find them. I will reach out to Ink Cigars to find out what shops carry these.

Ink Cigars Unadulterated

Ink Cigars Unadulterated