IPCPR/PCA News: Stogie Press Presents Mike Bellody the 2018 Boutique Cigar of the Year Award

As announced on January 1st of this year, Stogie Press selected the MLB Cigar Ventures – David P. Ehrlich PLM Series as the #1 Boutique Cigar for 2018. As we do each each year, we presented the award at the following year’s IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV and Mike’s smile tells it all!

Last year was the first time Stogie Press enacted a numerical rating system, and reaching the rating of a 99 on the David P. Ehrlich – PLM Series cigar did not come easy and was not taken lightly. We shared this cigar with numerous followers and associates of Stogie Press and they all agreed with the assessment.

The collective voice of all was used in our assessment:

Overall, the David P. Ehlrich PLM Series is by far, the best blend to come out of Mike Bellody and MLB Cigar Ventures to date. We rate this a solid 99. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this cigar from pre-light through the journey down to the nub. The burn was pristine and the flavors were full and enticing with great transitions and shifting aromas. Ok, it did not hold a 2 inch plus ash but all the other boxes were checked. Great Job Mike, Bob, and Ernesto!!! 

This was a great collaboration between Mike Bellody, Barry Macdonald, and Ernesto Perez Carrillo. The year 2018 was a stellar one for Ernesto, who was also named the Best Factory by Cigar-Coop and also created the Cigar Aficionado – Cigar of the Year with the Encore Majestic.

We caught up with Mike Bellody at this years IPCPR and presented the award, shared some whiskey, and talked about the future.