Kafie 1901 Connecticut Torpedo Cigar Review

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

It’s been a week since I smoked a cigar after being hospitalized with a ruptured gall bladder. I wanted to ease myself back into it and I chose to enjoy a Kafie Connecticut to start.

As their website states:

It takes time to create a perfect blend, and it takes even more to age the tobacco that goes into these blends. Minimum 4 year aged tobacco goes into our premium long filler cigars.

I totally agree, as great creations take time one should take their time to enjoy it and I planned of enjoying this work of art and craftsmanship.


So I went out on the back deck to sit down in the late afternoon Florida sun to enjoy the first truly relaxing moment in the past week.

Kafie cigars are the creation of Doctor Gabe (Gaby) Kafie. The Kafie family history is fascinating as you can read on their website. They history in Honduras goes back to  the year 1901 and that is the meaning of the 1901 in their logo. For the past 3 generations the family members have all a love for cigars. Gaby released the first of their inaugural cigars this year,known as the Don Fernando Kafie 1901 Maduro and has since grown the line to three blends:

  • Don Fernnado Maduro
  • Connecticut
  • Sumatra

As I stated, this particular day I wanted something that was a good re-introduction cigar so having recently received some samples of the Kafie 1901 line from Gaby, I decided it was the Kafie Connecticut cigar I would enjoy.

The Kafie 1901 Connecticut is constructed from:

  • Wrapper – Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder – Honduran
  • Filler – Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic

They are available in 4 vitolas:

  • Churchill – 7 x 48
  • Toro Bella – 6 x 54
  • Torpedo – 6.5 x 52
  • Robusto – 5 x 50

For this  review I sampled the Torpedo.

The first thing you will notice about the Kafie 1901 brand is the pride that is put into their cigars. Starting with the packaging. The particular cigar I sampled comes in a 10 count box  as does all Torpedos in the lineup. Each box has a special Kafie Seal of Warranty on it and clearly states that the contents are a product of the Republicar de Honduras. Once the seal is broken and the box opened, your are greeted with 10 pristine cigars each lined up perfectly  with a vellum piece of paper that tells the story of the Kafie family. To say Gaby is a family man would be an understatement.

Taking out one the cigars and removing the cellophane I relished in the look and feel of this beautiful creation. It’s been a week and I wanted to enjoy this experience like the first time I enjoyed a true premium cigars so many years ago and I was not disappointed.

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

The wrapper is a light tan with barely noticeable veins. It was firm to the touch and had a descent weight in the hand with no soft spots. It was silky smooth  and had no blemishes.

The filler was a darker brown  and  the foot and barrel had a well fermented aroma to it. The cigar was nicely capped and  cut easily with a double blade cutter.

I gave it a few dry draw puffs and noted some nuts and a touch of buttery flavor. There was very little bitterness that you get often from a Connecticut wrapper.  This makes it all the more the right choice for this moment of solitude and peace in the day.

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

As I fire it up, using one of my cedar spills, it toasts up nicely as I  am careful not to scorch the delicate wrapper. Taking in the first puffs any bitterness from the wrapper is lost in notes of  coffee and nut flavors coming from this rich blend with a creamy buttery smoke.

The burn is great, with a well-formed ash resting on a thin char line.  Smoking through the first inch or so it reminds me of a Fuente Montesino that I used to enjoy years ago only the Kafie 1901 has a bolder flavor profile. The flavorful smoke fills the palate and offers a smooth retro-hale.

After the first inch of burn there is a distinct fruit flavor that enter the profile. I  prematurely ashed the cigar and noticed  the ash was still hanging strong so I refrained from ashing during the next phase of the burn. Even with the early ashing, you will note the perfectly formed burn cone  which tells me how well constructed this cigar is.

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

I sit in solitude watching, quietly thanking everyone who sent me well wishes and a speedy recovery  as my eye catches a lizard tracking down an ant for a mid afternoon snack. Funny, all I can think of is how that lizard is a like a dinosaur in its own world at least until my Cocker Spaniel “Ziggy” comes out and tracks it down.


Oh my, the circle of life – just like cigars where it all starts with a tiny seed and results in flavorful leaf that I am burning up over the next hour or so. But more will be grown and then eventually enjoyed.

The flavor profile is consistent at this point with no radical changes. It is  a  very smooth smoke with just a tad bit of bitterness from the wrapper. The flavor sums up to be  fruit, some coffee, and a touch of nut. It is a  mild to medium smoke at this stage.

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Halfway through, the wrapper is showing signs of oiling up as it begins to develop a sheen just above the char line. The flavor profile doesn’t change much through the remainder of the cigar, maintaining a delicious blend of flavors. An outstanding smoke for sure.

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

Kafie 1901 Connecticut

Overall, the Kafie 1901 Connecticut is a delightful light to medium cigar. I know people don’t talk much about Connecticut shades, but this cigar is one that I feel is contending for the Stogie Press Top 25 this year. It has consistent flavor that can be enjoyed anytime of the day and by newbies and aficionados alike. The traditional bitterness of the wrapper is dialed way back while the construction is perfect and the draw impeccable, delivering mouthfuls of tasty delicious smoke. The well aged tobacco used in the Kafie 1901 blends make a big difference to the cigar smoking experience and I am glad Gaby took the time to do this right.  If you get  a chance to go to a Kaffie 1901 event in your town, by all means attend. Meet Gaby and try his blends. I am sure you will add this to your rotation as I will too.

I would like to thank Kafie 1901 cigars for the samples.