La Flor Dominicana Coronado Cigar Review

LFD CoronadoIt has been over a year and half since La Flor Dominicana discontinued the Coronado blend. It has been reported that sales were not strong enough to keep it and some attest, that it was because the band did not have the LFD logo on it. That may be, so at the 2015 IPCPR Litto Gomez brought this fine cigar back from the proverbially ashes. This time they branded it with a bold new band that adorns the cigar and easily pops on the shelf, with the golden LFD logo on its gradient maroon background and trimmed in gold and black.

LFD Coronado

LFD Coronado

The word Coronado, is centered in gold on the bottom and the band is finished fittingly with a gold and blue crown topped with a holographic green emerald. I really like how the colors on the crown shine in the light. Nice job Litto, this should certainly get the attention of the consumer.

I was recently sent a sample package of the new 2015 releases from La Flor Dominicana and included in it, was the Coronado. It is the first day of 2016, New Years Day, so what better way to celebrate than to relax in the Florida sun enjoying a fine cigar. Taking the Coronado out to the yard and sitting under the palms and oaks I rested my tired New Year Eve’s body and examined this fine specimen of a cigar. I really enjoy Litto’s creations, especially the Double Ligeros, and the Coronado was already shaping up to be another.

LFD Coronado

LFD Coronado

The Nicaraguan sun grown habano wrapper is silky smooth with shiny waxy look to it. Veins? We don’t need no stinking veins. The Coronado is all but veinless and the seams are practically unnoticeable. This is definitely a well constructed cigar by the looks of it.  The remainder of the Coronado blend is Dominican leaf that hails from Litto’s farm – Estancia La Flor de Palma.

The Coronado is available in 5 vitolos:

  • Especial (5 7/8 x 47)
  • Toro (6 x 52)
  • Double Corona (7 x 50)
  • Double Toro (7 x 54)  
  • Corona Gorda (7 x 60)

All vitolas are packaged in 18-count boxes:

For this review I sampled the Coronado Double Toro.

I already discussed the band and wrapper so let’s get into the profile of the Coronado. The nose picked up a sweet tea aroma on the foot and barrel along with a hint of spice. Slicing the cap and running it through a few dry draw puffs the draw was pleasantly restricted offering up notes of earth, spice, and pepper.

Once properly toasted and kindled, the initial puffs were charged with white pepper that masked the soon to be discovered notes of salt and butter that appeared about 1/2 inch into the burn as the pepper diminished.

The butter builds up over a few more mouth filling puffs, revealing more of a butter cream component. The medium grey ash is straight and tight, resting on a thick but slightly wavy char line. That wave fixes itself and does not cause any issues with the experience.

Fruit and coffee enter near the end of the first third, and the Coronado is really starting to develop a shiny robe as the wrapper gleans in the midday sun. The ash finally falls as it moves into the second third a subtle spice fills the background and the first check of the strength meter hits solid medium. The foot has a delicious toasty bread aroma.

Taking it down to the end of the second third, the Coronado starts to build up spice and white pepper that titillates the nose and palate. It must have awakened the basal as now I am picking up a nut aroma that morphs into more of a nutty floral note.


Getting to the final third, there is a citrus note that adds to the profile and another look at the strength meter indicates that we are at a solid full. Litto, you do this to me all the time. I did not really expect the strength to spike up, but then again, this is classic La Flor Dominicana creation.

The aroma is mostly floral at this point and a coffee note enters in the final third adding to the citrus and spice. I would note that the spice has a long finish on the palate.

LFD Coronado

LFD Coronado


Overall, the La Flor Dominicana Coronado is a welcome rebirth of a cigar that should never have been discontinued in my opinion. The complexity and strength makes this a choice for any cigar aficionado. I would to thank, La Flor Dominicana for the sample, especially Jonathan Carney- Vice President of Sales.