Patro Serie P Cigar Review

I remember meeting Dr, Pablo Richard several years ago at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) Associations annual show and the one thing that sticks in my mind was what a fine gentleman Dr. Richard was. We spent time discussing cigars, the Patoro brand, and how he found himself in the cigar business. I have met the Doctor a few more time over the years and most recently we recently connected at a chance event in Troy, Michigan at the newly opened Ambassador Cigar Lounge.

Dr. Pablo Richard

Dr. Pablo Richard

One of the Patoro Cigars I was going to review a year ago was the Patoro Serie P (Orange Band). I only had one and somehow I lost my notes from the experience. To say I was bummed was an understatement as I liked that cigar and I could not find it in a shop near me. Well, that little error has been remedied as I purchased 3 Patoro Serie P cigars at the Ambassador Cigar Lounge Patoro event and have enjoyed all three now.

The Patoro websites states:

Pure Cuban tobacco seeds, Dominican sun and the soil of Santiago create the valuable basis for each and every Patoro Cigar. The rich, nurturing soil combined with excellent experience in growing tobacco plants, gained over more than six generations, and the skillful hands of our master Torcedores, creates the unique taste of a masterpiece.

Of particular pride are the rare Patoro wrappers – extremely delicate, of a selected, unmistakable and exquisite tobacco mixture, only reaches by using three to ten year old tobacco, fermented up to four times.


Patoro Serie P

Skill, patience, experience, and pride are all important ingredients in the making of quality cigars. The Patoro Serie P is a fine example of those ingredients with its dark Brazilian wrapper rolled neatly over a rich blend of Dominican binders and fillers. The orange band pops on the dark background of the wrapper and is easy to spot in a humidor. The band is simple, classic Patoro with the a gold star sitting atop the word “Patoro”. Those that know the cigar just call it the Patoro Orange band.

The Patoro Serie P was blended by Patrick J. Martin and are  manufactured at the Augusto Reyes factory in the Dominican Republic. They were introduced to the US market in 2014.

It should be noted that Patoro is an international brand and some of the vitolas are made exclusively for the USA. In the case of the Serie P, there are 4 vitolas exclusive to the USA and are packaged in 20-count boxes.

  • Toro – 6 x 58 (MSRP $11.25)
  • Churchill – 7 x 47 (MSRP $12.25)
  • Robusto – 5 1/8 x 54 (MSRP $10.25)
  • Corona  – 5.5 x 43 (MSRP $8.25)

There are 4 other vitolas that are avaiable in the international market:

  • Demie – 5.2 x 44
  • Methusalem – 5 x 50
  • Jeroboam – 5.2 x 50 (Figurado)
  • Balthasar – 5.9 x 55

For this review I sampled 3 Patoro Serie P Churchill cigars which I purchased at the Ambassador Cigar Lounge in Troy, MI.

Cigar Review Notes

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  • Hay and light chocolate aroma of the foot
  • Pre-light cold draw had notes of nut and earth with some pepper on the lips
  • Beautiful oily wrapper – shiny from head to foot
  • Touch of reddish-brown color very Cubanesque looking
  • Ultra smooth smoke to start
  • Easy retro -hale with a just a bit of citrus
  • Rich latte cafe smoke sweet with a slight tang
  • Tight long dark grey ash 
  • Cocoa powder start of second third
  • Hint of cinnamon spice soft and gentle in the profile
  • Nutty aroma develops half way in
  • Ends with a background of dried fruit
  • Solid Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was just under 2 hours.

Overall, the Patoro Serie P was a long slow burning and flavorful cigar that was easy on the palate yet delivered a solid medium strength smoke. I liked this cigar the first time I tried it and still like it today. It is certainly a cigar any  cigar lover would enjoy.

Patoro Serie P

Patoro Serie P