Product Review: Ethan+Ashe Alkemista – Spirit Infuser

I was recently sent a very cool product from a company called Ethan+Ashe this past week that I feel would make for a great holiday gift for a cigar or spirits enthusiast. The product, called the Alkemista, is a infusion vessel for making infused liquor and spirits. A simple write up does not do this product justice, you have to see it in action to fully appreciate what it is and does, so I made a short video that introduces you to the product in action.

If you are looking for a great gift for a cigar or spirit enthusiast, I suggest checking out and get the party started on a whole new level with the Alkemista infusion vessel. It retails for $95.00 and includes 3 infusion packets to get you started. If you are not into spirits, it is also great for infusing vinegar and cooking oils too.

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