Product Review: Humi-Smart 2 Way Humidity Control Pack

A few months back, I received a sample package of of a new product for controlling the humidification in your humidor. The product is known as the Humi-Smart 2 Way Humidity Control Pack. This simple package takes the worry out of controlling your humidor. Much like the Boveda pack, it is a 2 way system but unlike the Boveda pack you also get an indicator card that will turn from pink to blue to let you know when it is time replace it. So no more worry about whether the pack is still working.

As shown in the following video, the Humi-Smart 2 Way Humidity Control Pack has no gel or corrosive salts in its construction. In fact, it is made from safe, all organic minerals and plant based fibers that are 100% non-toxic. The pack is FDA-approved, spill- and tear-resistant, biodegradable and non-toxic. Since it is made from 100% all organic minerals and plant based fibers, hey won’t alter the taste of your cigars. They also use food-grade approved ink in the printing on the pack.

The Humi-Smart 2 Way Humidity Control Pack comes in a variety of sizes and humidity factors. The sizes are measure in grams – 4, 8, 30, and 60. The size is designed for different size humidors. You can get them in 65%, 69%, and 72% humidity factors.

I have been using the 69% 30 gram pack in my desktop humidor since November 2019, and the indicator is still pink and I have checked the humidity with my hygrometer and it reads a steady 69% even 3 months later.

Example pricing from the company’s website store is:

  • 4 gram $19.95 for 20 packs
  • 8 gram $14.00 for 10 packs
  • 30 gram $13.00 for 4 packs
  • 60 gram $15.99 for 4 packs

The pricing is competitive with Boveda too.

The company’s website is easy to navigate and contains all the information you need to understand how the system works, what is made from, and which pack will meet your humidification needs. I highly recommend checking this one out as an alternative to your current humidification methods.

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  • I love the idea of the separate indicator card to give me a quick confidence check! We just need to find them in our local brick & mortars…but for now, I’ll check their site! Thanks Jimmie!

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