Rocky Patel Royale – Cigar Review

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Rocky Patel has had a busy 2014 releasing quite a few new blends. Today we review the Royale, suitable for a King or Queen but in this case attainable by everyone. The new Rocky Patel 2014 introduction, the Royale is a cigar I would highly recommend you try at least once. The Royale is a  box pressed creation that is constructed with two different binders (Connecticut shade & Connecticut broadleaf), Nicaraguan fillers from Condega and Esteli,  and all wrapped in an satin smooth Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. I particularly like this wrapper, it is the same that is used on the Edge Sumatra and that is my favorite of the Edge line.

The Rocky Patel Royale comes in 5 Vitolas:

  • Corona (5.25 x 42)
  • Robusto (5 x 52)
  • Toro (6.5 x 54)
  • Torpedo (6 x 52)
  • Colossal (7 x 62)

For this review I sampled the Toro that I purchased at the Tampa Humidor the night before the Tampa Cigar Bash. (A quick side note, if you have never been to this event, you are missing a good one, it is worth the entry price.)  Further examination reveals a cocoa scent on the foot  and well applied triple cap. Two bands adorn the Royale – one that states it is a Rocky Patel cigar and the other denoting it as a Royale.  As mentioned it is a box pressed cigar and the box lines are fairly square on the Royale. There are minimal Veins throughout. Clipping off the cap, I get a nice open draw and with a bit of sea salt flavor.

Rocky Patel RoyaleI chose to light this with a cedar splint, as it is a Royal cigar and deserved the Royal treatment. The first few puffs presented a delicate peppery spice with a bit of  of tangy citrus in the background. As it burned down the first third the smoke was super rich and creamy and the ash was dark grey. The burn is decent so far, a smidgen on the wavy side so I will slow down on the puff and watch as it corrects itself which it did. The tip of my tongue was picking up a salted pretzel flavor reminding me of those soft pretzels in NYC.

The spice faded as it moved into the second third. I am a lover of a good India Pale Ale (IPA)  and now I am getting that IPA hoppy bitterness in the profile. I am pairing this with water though. Sometime bitterness can be a bad thing in cigars abut other tiem like this I suggest it is a positive flavor note, just like the bitterness in an IPA, you r palate has to appreciate what is  happening. I give the cigar a gentle smoke purge and suddenly I am greeted with a delicious caramel flavor and aroma. The burn is nice and even now also and the ash has developed a mild  bend to  it.

Moving through the second third there is a background of citrus coming through  as the ash drops just shy of the primary band. There is an aroma now that I can not discern.  I suppose I will leave it to my readers to possibly fill in that blank.

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The final third delivered a sweet molasses with a floral scent. The pepper was lingering int he background and there was a note of black coffee trying to push into he forefront of the profile bu there was not enough burn left it seems to allow that. Perhaps I smoked it a bit faster than normal.

I would say; If cigar makers go to heaven Rocky is going.  The Royale was truly a delicious cigar and it provided a great smoking journey. I have purchased more of these as they rest in my humidor.


Rocky Patel Royale

Rocky Patel Royale

– Boston Jimmie




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