Rodriguez Cigars – Series 84 Maduro – Cigar Review

Rodriguez Cigars Serie 84 Maduro

Rodriguez Cigars Series 84 Maduro

Imagine sitting on the beach in Key West FL as the warm breeze rustles the palm trees and the morning sun heats the sand at your feet. Now think about how close you are to Cuba – 90 miles – just a short distance, but still a land far far away if you are an American. Yes I know, we have started to open relations, but the embargo is not fully lifted and you still can’t technically visit the country unless you have a legal reason to do so.  If you can’t visit you can not buy a legal Cuban cigar, but if you are in Key West, you can still find an outstanding cigar, rolled in a classic entubado Cuban rolling style. I am talking about the Rodriguez Cigar Company, Series 84 Maduro, a cigar that will certainly be on your list of top cigars this year once you experience it.

If you have read our recent article on the Rodriguez Cigar factory in Key West, FL you will have learned that they are the oldest factory cigar factory in the Florida keys and Key West. I have spent some quality time the past few months with Danny DiFabio, the sales manager and Grandson of Mr. Rodriguez smoking the new Series 84 Maduro cigar line. It was about 3 weeks ago when Danny and I both agreed that the Series 84 Maduro was ready to be released to the public.

Stogie Press did a video review of the new cigar. You can see that review here:

The Series 84 Maduro is a collaboration between Danny and long time friend Guillermo Pena from Guillermo Pena cigars in Miami. As mentioned in our article on the Rodriguez factory, the Series 84 Maduro is a tribute to Danny’s Grandfather and the opening of the Rodriguez Cigar Shop and Factory in 1984.

The Series 84 Maduro comes in 3 vitolas:

  • Robusto – 5×50
  • Torpedo – 6.5×52
  • Gran Toro – 6×56
  • Toro – 6.5 x 54

For this review we sampled all four vitolas, but focused on the Toro for the Video Review.

Examining the Series 84 Maduro you will be presented  with a dark brown satin Nicaraguan Habano Wrapper that embraces a tasty blend of Nicaraguan Fillers and Binder. The barrel and foot have a sweet cedar aroma pre-light.

The band is exquisite in design with symbols  that define the Rodriguez Cigar company and Danny Himself. There is a shield on the band that has two crossing keys and a crown above it representing the company as the King of the Keys. The words “Est. 1984” under the shield represents the year they were founded. The word Rodriguez is noted on the right side as you rotate the cigar. The copper strips on the top and bottom of the band have a Romanesque symbol in it representing Danny’s Cuban and Italian heritage. The Series 84 is finished with a  triple cap.


Examining the foot you will even notice that it is rolled in a classic entubado Cuban rolling style. This style of bunching rolls each filler leaf into itself creating a “scroll” of leaves. This is a difficult method that results in a more firmly packed cigar. By doing so, air is travels between each of the leaves presenting the palate with more flavor.

The Rodriguez Cigars Series 84 is a most delightful full flavor stogie that burns incredibly well and a presents early flavors of pepper and spice with an earthy background that transitions into some dry leather notes and then a delectable coffee and dry cocoa powder flavor.  The second half offers notes of licorice and espresso that reminds me of an Italian Espresso with Sambuca.  The Series 84 Maduro finishes with an increased spice and pepper note. If you like a bitter cigar – this is not it.

The strength of the Rodriguez Cigars Series 84 Maduro gradually increased as it burned to where we would describe it as a medium to full. The smoke production was solid throughout with a perfect draw.

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This is a cigar that would pair very well with a nice single malt scotch or sipping rum.

The burn was impeccable throughout and when I smoked the Gran Toro I carried the ash all the way to the nub.

Overall we would say the Rodriguez Cigars Series 84 Maduro will be one cigar to reckon with in 2015 and we wish Danny and his family the best in this new expansion. We highly recommend the Series 84 Maduro.

You can order them directly from the Rodriguez Cigar Company and you may want to ask your local brick and mortar to carry these.

Rodriguez Cigars Serie 84 Maduro

Rodriguez Cigars Series 84 Maduro

– Boston Jimmie and the Stogie Press team

8 thoughts on “Rodriguez Cigars – Series 84 Maduro – Cigar Review

  • Hey Jimmy big don hear the retired Atlantic City police officer I met you with Danny and the Rodriguez cigar factory was the highlight of my week my birthday I met you on. Your review of the Maduro 84 is spot-on I love this cigar end up buying two boxes. Have you ever smoked in Eloriginally from island smoke shop Key Largo. I’m smoking in 84 Maduo right now washing it down with a bankencourt rhumfromlol take care

    • Hey there Big Don, glad you got a chance to read my blog and enjoy those Serie 84 cigars from Danny. I have been to the Island Smoke Shop we did an article on them last year. I believe I have had their El Original when I was there. Stay tuned for more material and pass the word.

  • Hey glad to read your review! I spent some quality smoking time with Danny Difabio. He is focused and will be one to reckon with. I look forward to following this brand!

  • My father in law told me about these cigars that are being made in Key West and how I needed to try one . We visited the factory and were met by Danny who gave me a history about the company and recommended the series 84 maduro. The place was cool and Danny was awesome. I’ve been smoking rated cigars for years so I have to admit I was not expecting much, however, when I finally got a chance to smoke it with my glass of port I was blown away. It smoked as good as any montecristo or cobia and the favor, in my opinion was equal if not better for a fraction of the cost. Last year we were back in Key west so I took my son in with me, who happens to be a catch for his school and Danny was there and gave my son a few tips on his position. The little things like this is life are the ones you appreciate the most and never forget. I have bought several boxes and share them with friends who all agree they are a top tier smoke. Thank you Danny and we wish you success.
    Note. I did not know Danny before I went and have not received anything for this testimony.
    Greg Hajek
    Hamilton GA.

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