Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet – Cigar Review

Well April has arrived and that means two things in the Stogie Press Lounge, Taxes and Baseball. I prefer baseball of course. So tonight it was the season debut of the Yankees and my beloved Red Sox and their first game of many this season. For this debut I figured I would take Juliet out to the game in the lounge. The Romeo y Julieta  House of Capulet that is. The Capulet is the second of a pair of cigars that Famous Smoke created in collaboration with Romeo y Julieta. The house fo Montague is the other and we recently did a review on that cigar back in March. You can order the Capulet and other “Romeo y Julieta cigars Available Online Here.

The house of Capulet is blanketed with an outer translucent sleeve  with the words House of Capulet written in white. The the sleeve is held on with two bands. The primary band is the classic Romeo y Julieta band except in reverse color. It is  virgin white  with the words Romeo y Julieta  and Capulet printed in red, and the footer band is also virgin white with the words Romeo y Julieta printed in red.

I decided to take a better look at my date for the early innings of this classic baseball match-up and remove her outer covering only to reveal a delicious looking lightly tanned and silky smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper sheathing a Honduran binder and Filler. The House of Capulet is a solid 5×54 vitola. There are no soft spots and she is just itching to be fired up. I run my nose along her barrel and foot and pick up a sweet hay smell.


As I settle in with  the Capulet between my fingers, I clip her cap and roll her around taking a few dry puffs. There is a slight pepper note coming though.

As the 1st pitch is thrown, I torch her foot to warm her up and then take a few good puffs as she breaks out in a  short flame. The initial puffs were a dose of pepper and cedar with  smoke that was rich and creamy. A good smoke ring consistency.  The Red Sox took an early lead and the house of Capulet is showing that she is a pleasing cigar to start.

As the Capulet burns through the 1st third, the pepper moves to the background and there is a sweet nuttiness that starts to come through. The ash is solid and white with a perfect burn line. the ash held on a for a good third of the cigar before falling and the smoke is smooth with no bite or burn to it and very easy on the retrohale.

As the House of Capulet shifts into the second third there is a dry leather note that enters the profile balancing well with the sweet nutty flavor that is still present. So far the Capulet is a mild to medium strength cigar that can be enjoyed in the morning with a your first cup of coffee to get the day going, The Red Sox did not need much to get them going, as they scores some more runs and it looks like this will be another good game. My date is treating me well with full mouthfuls of tasty smoke and delightful sweet aromas.


There is a return of some pepper as the House of Capulet moved into the final third. The smoke was still full with a slight linger of flavor on the palate. The Capulet ended with a salty nut flavor that was a wonderful finish to an already delicious cigar. The Red Sox continued to hold off the Yankees till the bottom of the ninth when the Yankees tied it again, only to prove why these games are the best to watch. Over 6 1/2 hours after the start, the thriller in the Bronx ended after 19 innings  with the Red Sox inching out the Yankees 6-5. I could have smoked another 3 Capulets in that time but sadly I did not have any more left.

Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet

Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet

I would like to thank Famous Smoke Shop for the samples.

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