Selected Tobacco Launches New ATABEY and BYRON Sizes

UnitedLogov2You may have recently read our review of the Selected Tobacco Atabey cigar this past month. Now the company is releasing additional vitolas to the line and also to their Byron line. In a press release today, United Cigar Group, the distribution arm behind Nelson Alfonso’s, Selected Tobacco, announced  they are extending the two lines which are their most popular ultra-premium cigar blends.

In the press release, Oliver Nivaud, Director of Sales at United Cigars notes:

“This is a complicated time in the cigar industry to introduce a line extension but we are overly excited to showcase these Atabey vitolas that will be ready for the shelves soon. Retailers and cigar enthusiasts have been overly receptive and we are completely humbled by their support.”

The Atabey line currently features four sizes, and that quantity will more than double with this introduction of five new vitolas. The new shapes are:

  • Duendes (Torpedo 6 x 54)
  • Spiritus (7 1/2 x 40)
  • Misticos (6 3/4 x 56)
  • Dioses (8 x 50)
  • Benditos (7 ¼ x 58)

Atabey New Sizes (1)

The new sizes will be on display at the 2017 IPCPR Show and will be ready to ship in 2018 after five years of carefully planned aging is complete.

As for the Byron brand,  United Cigars notes in the press release:

The extensions to the Byron brand are based around new packaging that places these exclusive cigars in packaging that lives up to their reputation. Nelson Alfonso of Selected Tobacco has artfully packed the Byron 19th Century Grand Poemas (6 x 56) and Byron 20th Century Habaneros (6 x 56) in beautiful 25 count Limited Edition Humidors. Each humidor is filled with cigars that have been aging since 2012, and only 200 humidors filled with each vitola will be produced this year.

The cigars represent a unique smoking experience for true cigar enthusiasts and the humidors are expected to become sought-after collector’s items among the brand’s followers due to their limited production. Along with the Byron 21st Century Elegantes (6 1/8 x 55), the Byron Grand Poemas and Habaneros will be available at the 2017 IPCPR Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The brands represent the most exclusive offerings in the extensive United Cigar Group portfolio and this announcement is expected to cause significant excitement among fans of both brands.

United Cigar Group works with top cigar manufacturers throughout the world in order to create unique cigars, built exclusively for the premium cigar retailer. The brands of United Cigar Group are all Exclusive Cigar Products that were in demand but unavailable… so they were created.

If you would like more information about United Cigar Group, please contact Oliver Nivaud at 603-404-0016 or email at [email protected] or go to