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Villager ModelIf the late 20th century was the boom for cigar smoking and men that indulged, the 21st century is proving that it is not just a mans world. Women are showing up more and more in shops and lounges across the world indulging in the pleasures of a fine cigar and they are not doing it alone. They come with friends, both male and female to relax and unwind. They share their experiences and stories just like men have. Social media has proven to be even a big outlet for them with “selfies” and groups popping up all over. A day does not go by without seeing the ladies posting their favorite sticks and experiences.

We have started a list here of some of the Ladies of the Leaf groups and sites we that know of that  are run by women and hope that this can be a growing directory that we can keep up to date with your input. So if a group or site is not listed please comment and we will add it. We hope to continue to bring attention to the women in our industry.

Facebook Groups:

LOLA’S: Ladies Of the Leaf Aficionados’ Site


Queens Of The Ash

Cigar Damas

Baltimores three cigar Divas

Femmes De La Tabac (cigar society)

Cigar Babes

International Women’s Cigar Society

The Atlanta Women’s Cigar Association

Women Who Smoke Cigars

Lady Cigar Smokers of Chattanooga

La Femme Cigar Society

WOW: Women of Watertown

Cigar Clubs:

South Florida Women’s Cigar Club

Cigar Inn Women’s Club

Women’s International Cigar Club

Web Sites:

Cigar Women of Nashville

Knoxville Cigar Chicks

Stogies & Stilettos Ladies Cigar Club

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