The Stage V Clinger Review

Looking all over here for you, I gotta get out of here pronto, I’ve got a Stage V Clinger!

That was a funny line in the movie The Wedding Crashers, but that is not what we are talking about here – and we are not talking about the dress wearing army character in the TV show M.A.S.H.

It’s coming up on the gift giving season and Boston Jimmie has found the perfect stocking stuffer for all your cigar loving friends.

If you are like me, I know you have found yourself golfing or  sitting outdoors smoking  your favorite cigar and needed to put it down, but didn’t have an ashtray anywhere in site. Well here is a nifty device that solves the problem. The Stage V Clinger.

Stage-V Clinger

Stage-V Clinger

I was recently sent a sample of one of these from the company It is a simple but well designed device that can hold any size cigar with ease without pinching or cracking the delicate cigar wrapper.  Made of durable, strong, and solidly constructed spring steel the Stage V Clinger has extra strong magnets so it can be attached to your outdoor chair, golf cart, or even your golf bag. It comes in 4 powder-coated, color selections and retails for $12.99 each, If you have a number of friends you can get a 4-pack  for $44.99. It even comes with a velcro strap so you can attach it to most anything if there is not something metal to stick it to.

Let us show you how it works here. 

So why not be a good Santa this year and give a gift that will surely be appreciated and pick up a Stage-V Clinger.  You can order them directly from the company I have also seen them on

Now about that other Stage-V Clinger.  Here is the clip from the movie for your viewing enjoyment.

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