Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Final Candidates

Well, 2015 is just about over and today we announce the final 5 candidates for the Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Boutique Cigars.  Congratulations to all those that made the cut and stay tuned at the stroke of midnight tomorrow when we announce the Number One Boutique Cigar of 2015 and the remaining breakdown.

Here are the final 5 candidates:

Wilson and Adams Mr. Wilson:

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson

Last year I had the opportunity to enjoy the blends from Wilson and Adams, and although they were very good introductory cigars, the company jumped the bar this year with the introduction of the Mr. Wilson. I believe this would be a great regular production cigar if Brandon Wilson can secure the leaf on a consistent basis.

A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Half Corona:

PDR A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Tin

PDR A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Tin

Overall, the A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Half Corona was an outstanding short (45 min or so) smoke and it is one I would definitely buy more of. I am looking forward to sampling the full-grown toro version of this  fine smoke. Great job PDR and A. Flores on creating a spectacular short smoking experience. Great for a lunch break or morning start of the day.

Swinger Cigars 1895:

Swinger Cigars 1895

Overall the Swinger Cigar 1895 is a most pleasurable full flavor and medium strength cigar that I would highly  recommend to any cigar smoker. I would buy more than one so that you can age the other as this cigar is definitely one that should age very nicely in about 6 months or so, as it already was like a 7 course meal in its flavor profile.



Alec Bradley MAXX Culture:

Alec Bradley MAXX Culture

Alec Bradley MAXX Culture

Overall the Alec Bradley MAXX Culture is a wonderful smoking experience. The construction is solid with a tight ash that held on for a good 2 inches. The flavors transitioned well and I would say it was as solid medium strength cigar but perhaps more fuller strength for the occasional smoker.

Ventura Cigars Pysko Seven Maduro:

Psyko Seven Maduro

Psyko Seven Maduro

At the 2014 IPCPR, Ventura Cigar Company released their new Pysko Seven to rave reviews. Sometimes when you have a hit, it is hard to top it, but this year Ventura has done it again. The new Pysko Seven Maduro! Keeping with the 7 country blend they have created another outstanding smoking experience with the Maduro. We have smoked a lot of these in the Stogie Press lounge and agree it is certainly worthy of a Top 25 ranking.


So there you have it, the 25 candidates for the Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Boutique Cigars.

Remember at the stroke of midnight tomorrow the official ranking will be announced.

As always it has been fun and a tad stressful, composing such a list, as there were many fine cigars to pick from.

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