Stogie Press September 2015 Editorial

Welcome to our annual cigar 101 issue. This issue we have some interesting cigar info for you. There is an info graphic on rolling cigars and we have a review on cedar spills featuring spills from Cigar Reserve.

We visited Austin, Texas this month and stopped into the Habana House Cigars lounge. This is the largest humidor in Austin, Texas and a must visit if you live in or are visiting Austin.

Want to know ways to cleanse your palate between cigars or before going to bed? Read the article on palate cleansing and you will experience more pleasure and flavor from your favorite sticks. We offer some well-tested techniques for cleaning that dirty palate. Of course if you have some suggestions, comments are always welcome.

And speaking about comments, do you want FREE cigars? We always like to give a little back to our readers and followers. We had a great inaugural year and will be running a special contest for you this month. Read our Stogie Press giveaway article and follow the rules – they are simple and maybe you will be the lucky winner of 5 premium cigars and perhaps a special body guard also.

We once again would like to thank all the support from our readers and followers. It’s been a busy month at Stogie Press. We have moved into a new home and expanded the Stogie Press lounge – bigger is better – and we have more space to entertain and conduct our nightly herfs. If you are in the east central Florida area and want to stop by, shoot us a text on Facebook or Twitter and we would be pleased to welcome you to the lounge and you too can join the growing list of StogieHeads.

This month our sponsorship has added Valentia Cigars in addition to our ongoing sponsorship from MLB Cigar Ventures. If you are a shop or manufacturer and want to join our list of sponsors, contact us and be part of a growing brand.

Stay Smokey everyone.

~ Boston Jimmie