Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail Cigar Review

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

I sit in the Stogie Press lounge tonight enjoying a Toro Majestuoso (Majestic) cigar from Suriel Cigars. It was a about a month ago when I took a trip to the Dominican Republic and spent some time with Uriel Suriel and Hendrik Kelner Jr. at the Kelner Boutique Factory in Santiago. You can read more about the Kelner Boutique Factory in this months issue of Stogie Press, when it hits the wires April 15th. But today we review the Toro Majestuoso which Uriel Suriel presented to me after our interview with him and Hendrik.

Back in 2014 I befriended Uriel  and he sent me some samples of his original Day and Night which we reviewed back then. Those cigars were not available in the US at the time but this year Uriel has opened up the US market with a tweaked up “Day and Night” along with the Toro Majestuoso Pigtail which, as its name implies, is a meant to be a Magestic cigar that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Uriel says on his website:

The Pigtail Edition of our Toro Majestuoso is designed to provide you a full bodied yet pleasant smoke…It represents years of perfectly grown and processed leaves with months spent finding the right blend in collaboration with Hendrik Kelner Jr. from Kelner Boutique Factory. We have created these Toro Majestuoso with moments of shared pleasure in mind.

Even though I am taking in the evening solitude I am sharing this pleasure with you, our readers.

The Toro Majestuoso is available in one vitola; a beautiful 6×56  Cubra Brazil wrapped cigar with a perfectly finished pig tail cap.

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

The wrapper is milk chocolate brown with a waxy feel to it and just a few veins noticeable. The complete make up of the Toro Majestuoso Pigtail is:

  • Wrapper: Brazil
  • Binder: Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru, United States

Ureil states:

We kept the same origin of the tobacco used in our original Toro Majestuoso, but using different leaves that bring more character and flavor to this experience. In addition, we have Peru joining the party in this blend.

The cigar is firm to the touch with decent weight. Having seen how these are rolled at the factory I can only believe this will be a solidly constructed cigar and the blend is making my mouth water with anticipation.

The unlit cigar has a slight nutty aroma on foot and not much on the barrel. I used my cigar knife to cut off the pigtail and the cold draw delivered notes of butter and a touch of dried red pepper flake.

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

I rolled it around for awhile, enjoying the pre-light flavors, before toasting it up with a single flame torch lighter, heating it to a nice red glow. It takes to the flame like a champion, no run, no wave, just a perfect burn to start.

The first few puffs fill up my palate with oodles of peppery smoke as it formed a perfect medium grey ash. The pepper toned down and fruit and cream open up. The retro-hale is smooth and pleasant after the first half-inch of burn.

I pick up a bread and almond aroma off the foot, which increases the enjoyment of the smoke. An appreciable sweetness enters after an inch or so, filtered through notes of coffee and light spice.

The pirólisis (cone) is perfectly formed once the ash fell after a good two inches.

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

I learned that word (pirólisis) from Uriel himself. I am never to old to learn and it is always good to add to your cigar vocabulary.

The spice builds in the second third as the sweetness balances out in the background. The aroma has shifted to a spicy baked caramel -like what my mother used to use to dip apples in. I had to look up a recipe for this and here is one that I think would be amazing. Salted Spiced Caramel Sauce 

The final third brings a touch of cedar and wood to the mix with an ever-present long finish of spice. The hour and half smoking experience took this beauty down to the nub. I guess I will have to get more of these.

While Suriel Cigars is working to get into the US market you can find these in premium cigar shops in Virginia, Washington DC, and Texas. If you live in Houston check out Smoke Rings there to find these outstanding cigars.

Overall, the Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail was simply an amazing smoke, majestic as it name says. It was bursting with flavor and a perfect burn, full body of smoke, and full strength at the end. Dare I say, this is sure to make the Stogie Press top 25 of 2016.

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

Suriel Toro Majestuoso Pigtail

~Boston Jimmie






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