Southern Draw QuickDraw Cigar Review

Back in November of 2015 we reviewed the Southern Draw Kudzu cigar. You may also recall hat the Kudzu came in 12th in our top 25 boutique cigars for 2016. Now with the samples of the Kudzu, the team from Southern Draw Cigars also included a few petite coronas, known as the QuickDraw. Don’t let the Read more about Southern Draw QuickDraw Cigar Review[…]

Cordoba & Morales

Cigar Review – Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubano Etiqueta Blanca Toro Gorda

Remember when you first smoked your first high strength cigar. You know the one, it lit you up and made you want to stay in your comfortable smoking chair or stool. Well I am here to report that after years of smoking cigars and finding but a few that have that effect on me I have discovered another.