Taking It To The Nub – Season 1 Episode 28 – Shorty Rossi – The Pit Boss

In this episode, Boston Jimmie welcomes special guest and friend, Shorty Rossi to #TakingItToTheNub. Shorty is best known as the Pit Boss on the Animal Planet show of the same name. He is on a forever mission to rescue Pit Bulls from abusive homes and educate the public on the breed. Shorty is also an avid cigar enthusiast with his own line of cigars crafted with A.J. Fernandez known as the Diesel Shorty.

Shorty has written a book about his life growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, and has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows throughout his life. He owns a talent agent known as ShortyWood productions that works to place Little People talent in movie productions.

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If you missed the live show or wish to see it again, you can view it here.

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