Taking It To The Nub – Season 1 Episode 30 – Yadi Gonzalez – Flor De Gonzalez Cigars

In this episode of Taking It To The Nub, Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press has the distant pleasure to sit down with the President of Flor De Gonzalez Cigars – Yadi Gonzalez Vargas. Yadi immigrated to the US as a young child in 1980 from Cuba and has been around cigars all her life. A few years ago she took the reigns of the the family business as its new President and has been driving success ever since.

As a proud mother of two adult daughters, she had to juggle family and business and managed to be successful at both.

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If you missed the original airing 10/10/20 on Facebook Live, you can now view it here: