Taking It To The Nub – Season 1 Episode 37 – BIGTIME TOMMIE

One of the best shows this year. Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press and Steve Boik Owner of Frontline Cigars sit down with Cigar Chomping, Movie/TV Star and Instagram Sensation – Tommie Romola AKA BIGTIME TOMMIE to talk Cigars, Good Fucking Wine, Freestyle Music, Cannolis, Pizza and Cadillacs.

BIGTIME TOMMIE is best known for his Thoughts of the Day on Instagram and his TV Show – Car Fellas. He has also been in numerous movies including Jesse, Laugh Killer Laugh to mention a few. He is a regular on the TV Series GravesEnd.

Tommie announced on the show the introduction of his BIGTIME TOMMIE cigar made by Asylum Cigars.

If you missed it live, you can watch here on the Stogie Press You Tube Channel:

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