Taking It To The Nub – Season 2 – El Chan Cigars

In this episode, Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press sits down with Gaby Cruz Ayalo-Chan the owner of El-Chan Cigars based out Puerto Rico. Gaby goes into depth about his mission to bring the native Puerto Rican Cigar Tobacco to the marker not just for his brand but for others as well. As we say in the sponsor section of each broadcast, Gaby says:

“Welcome to our dream come true. We Gaby “El Chan and Liz, want all the hands that work the tobacco leaf in our country to have the same opportunity to expose their products. La Hoja Del Chan, we call it that because since we cultivate part of our product we want at some point to be able to supply the WORLD with our native Tobacco Leaf. This pride that we feel we are sure is the same pride of all those who work the tobacco leaf and for this they deserve a portal that represents them.”