Taking It To The Nub – Season 4 – Marvin Samel – Film Producer (iMordecai)

In this episode, Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press sits down with Marvin Samel the Producer and Director of a recent Autobiographical film iMordecai. Many of you may know Marvin as the co-founder of Drew Estate before they were Acquired by Swisher International back in 2014. Marvin left the industry after the acquisition but decided he would take some of his proceeds to write, produce, and direct a film to tell the story of his life and more importantly the life of the Samel Family especially his father Mordecai and his mother Fela. Together, we break down this heart warming film that addresses numerous topics from old age, dementia, and even cigars. If you have not seen the film, I highly recommend it and I know you can stream it on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV and other streaming apps.