Taking It To The Nub – Season 4 – PK Rooms

In this episode of Taking It To The Nub, Boston Jimmie sits down with the the Owner/Creator, Mike Pike and his Sales Manager Tim Overlin from PK Rooms. Are you looking for a way to smoke in your house without impacting your HVAC system and leaking smoke into the house? Then watch this interview and learn about a novel new way to smoke in your house. PK Rooms is a specially designed structure that you assemble in an existing room. The structure is designed to exhaust the smoke out of the house while bringing in fresh air from outside the room. It is so well design that an independent lab has tested it and proven the claim that is is virtually free of smoke while enjoying your cigars. It is a patent pending design and easily installed. You can check them out at this years PCA Trade Show in Las Vegas Nevada.