VegaFina Pigtail Anejado 7 Anos Cigar Review

The VegaFina Pigtail Anejado 7 Anos

By Zach Riley

So I just got off the phone with the famous man who runs this wonderful site we call Stogie Press, and he wants me to continue to write for him, so here I am writing a review for a brand new cigar that came out this year at IPCPR.

The story time section is not going to be nearly as long as the last one, so let’s go ahead and dive into the informative portion of the review.

This cigar was purchased at the Cigar Room Sholes in Florence, Alabama. Owner of the shop is Donald Waddell. Manager of the shop Donny Muse. This is my home shop.

VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 Anos Blend:

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder: Indonesia
  • Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan

This was the Robusto Extra being a 6 x 50 and finished with a pigtail cap. Last year the company released the VegaFina Conde PigTail which was a 5.5 x 48.

VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 AnosMSRP for the VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 Anos is set as $5.92 USD.

Cold Draw: A dark cedar, earthy note, almost like a leather, but much more heavy dark cedar.

Smoking Experience: 

First third: First few draws are packed with flavor. The cold draw and the light up was almost the same. A dark cedar, light spice, and a hint of earthiness. The retro is more of a cocoa (and for those of you who will be reading my reviews I mean cocoa as chocolate – natural chocolate), but with a hint of leather. The aroma is so wonderful. A strong smell of earth.

Second third: I’m about midway through the second third, and I have lost a lot of the flavorful heavy cedar, but now I’m getting less spice that has turned into a really creamy note. Almost like a cup of coffee with heavy cream. Through the nose I am getting a light hint of hazelnut, but still extremely smooth and creamy. Towards the end of the second third I got a light citrus.

VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 Anos

VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 Anos

Final third/finish: The final third has started, and it has taken another form. The citrus has gotten much stronger, spice has returned full force which was a welcome to me, because the spice at the end is great. The retro is very similar to the inhale, but a little bit lighter sensory wise. Spice is actually almost nonexistent in the retro. Towards the very end it went from a nice enjoyable citrus to a citrus that is almost bitter like a grapefruit. Through the nose on the very little bit I have left I’m getting an extremely bitter grapefruit taste.

VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 Anos

VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 Anos


The VegaFina PigTail Anejado 7 Anos was a fantastic cigar until the very nub, and unlike some people I smoke these babies all the way down to the nub, and it just got a little too grapefruitish for me. Other than that it was absolutely stupendous. It burned great, never had to touch it up, never tunneled in, was extremely complex, and had wonderful note changes through the whole stick. Top notch cigar for a low, low price!