Ventura Cigar Company Acquires Cuban Cigar Factory

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June 15, 2017

The Tradition of high-quality craftsmanship continues

Ventura Cigar Company Acquires Cuban Cigar Factory and plans for increased distribution in 2018

June 2017 –  Ventura Cigar Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cuban Cigar Factory, a boutique, craft cigar business based out of San Diego, CA. The family-run Cuban Cigar Factory has been creating exceptional products for over 20 years, hand-making their cigars with unique blends that have made them local favorites. Ventura Cigar Company plans to increase distribution of these blends through their well-established sales channels, introducing the products to new audiences.

“We’re excited about bringing Cuban Cigar Factory into the fold of Ventura Cigar Company,” says Benjamin Winokur, Marketing Manager at Ventura Cigar Company. “Their reputation in the industry is admirable; we’re pleased to breathe new life into their blends and release them on a national scale.”

Cuban Cigar Factory

Already known for crafting top-quality cigars, Ventura Cigar Company welcomes the premium blends from the Cuban Cigar factory into their portfolio of offerings.  The first of these predicate blends is expected to be introduced in early 2018.

Mark Cassar, CEO of Kretek added, “We’re always looking for those hidden gems, there are amazing cigar-makers out there, but without distribution, they go largely undiscovered. We’re pleased to play an integral part in bringing new experiences and expertise to our customers, along with the traditions of exploring and savoring unique blends.”

Once launched, the blends will be distributed through Phillips & King, along with Ventura Cigar Company’s other brands and products. Additional information about the products and launch dates will be announced in the coming months.

We invite you to visit for more information about the company’s present and future offerings.

Rachel McKnett
PR Manager
Kretek International

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