Ventura Cigars Archetype Sage Advice – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Ventura Cigars Sage Advice

Ventura Cigars Sage Advice

At the 2016 IPCPR,  Ventura cigars announced their latest introduction to the premium cigar market – Archetype.

The company held a news conference at the show to enlighten us on this new line and share some fine spirits during the conference.


While  we enjoyed some of these fine tastings, Jason Carignan, Chief Marketing Officer for Ventura Cigars filled us on the story behind the Archetype line.   You can hear him explain it here:

Archetype is inspired by the work of psychologist Dr. Carl Jung and mythographer Joseph Campbell who defined ‘archetypes’ as the constantly repeating characters who occur in the dreams of all people and the myths of all cultures. Campbell discovered through his study of world myths that the ‘Hero’s Journey’ is a common storytelling arc that has been retold in infinite variations since time began.

As you have learned from the above audio clip, the Archetype line includes 5 blends, 3 are in their core line and include:

  • Dreamstate
  • Sage Advice
  • Strange Passage

The other 2 are a collaboration with Drew Estate and include:

  • Initiation
  • Axis Mundi

For this review I sampled the Archetype Sage Advice which is described as an exotic multi-country blend of  tobaccos:

  • Wrapper – NSA & Habano Hybrid
  • Binder – Dominican San Vicente
  • Filler – Multi-Country Blend

The Ventura Cigars Archetype Sage Advice is available in 3 vitolas:

  • Toro – 6.25 x 48
  • Robusto – 5.5 x 50
  • Gordo – 6 x 606.25 X 48

I sampled the Toro for this review

Cigar Review Notes

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  • Sweet nutty and cocoa pre-light aroma
  • Solid tightly packed
  • Medium brown wrapper with tight seams
  • Well capped
  • Love the band design
  • Earthy, barnyard cold draw
  • Pepper, floral, and spice on first puffs
  • Salt and pepper ash begins the journey
  • Ash is a tad flaky
  • Pepper ramps tone and fades by end of first inch
  • Medium body of smoke
  • Ginger spice evolves with some bitterness
  • Sweet fruit aroma fills the air
  • Bitterness gives way to a delectable sweet ginger
  • Coffee notes enter
  • Smoke is ultra smooth near the end of first half
  • Ash finally falls after a good three inches
  • The bitter note dances back and forth with the sweetness
  • Aroma shifted to a syrupy note
  • Medium strength
  • Woody note pushes in
  • The aroma keeps shifting quickly – now buttered popcorn
  • Sweet cedar enters at the end of second third
  • Sweetness continues as the ginger dances back and forth through the end

Overall, the Ventura Cigars – Archetype Sage Advice – is certainly a welcome addition to the Ventura lineup. I especially liked the sweet ginger flavors that moved in and out through the over 90 minute smoking experience. This is one I took down to the nub.

Ventura Cigars Sage Advice

Ventura Cigars Sage Advice

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