Villiger Cigars Brands Cuellar Connnecticut Kreme Under Villiger Brand Umbrella

Villiger Cigars,  the company that brought us an amazing release this year – the Flor de Ynclan – has announced today that they will be bringing the Cuellar Connecticut Kreme under the Villiger Brand. It may seem simple but the original branding never mentioned the name Villiger on it.

In the official press release Villiger North America President Rene Castañeda stated:

“Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Krēmē is one of our most popular cigar brands. It’s extremely creamy profile, combined with just a hint of spiciness, has made the brand a hit with consumers. This small change of adding the “Villiger” name on band and packaging, will help consumers better identify it as a Villiger brand.”

The press release noted that this is a continuation of the efforts to streamline branding, The new Cuellar Connecticut Kreme will be known the Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Krēmē. 

Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Kreme

Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Kreme

The Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Krēmē is a mild to medium cigar, made in the Dominican Republic.  Creamy and smooth, typical of most Connecticut shade cigars, the Villiger Cuellar sets itself apart, with solid construction and more flavor nuances, which include notable hints of spiciness throughout the smoking experience.

The Connecticut shade wrapper houses choice binder, and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. The Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Krēmē is expressed in four sizes. MRSP is $6.00 to $7.00.

  • Robusto – 5 x 48
  • Toro Gordo – 6 x 54
  • Churchill – 7 x 50
  • Torpedo – 6.25 x 52

Back in 2015, Stogie Press reviewed the Cuellar Connecticut Kreme and you can read that review here.

Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Kreme

Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Kreme


Villiger Sons Limited was established in 1888 by Jean Villiger in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, where Villiger remains headquartered to this day. The company manufactures and sells more than 1.5 billion cigars annually, world-wide. Today, under the leadership of Heinrich Villiger, the company prides itself in its commitment to quality, in all their products made in many countries around the globe.

Villiger North America was established to service the premium cigar enthusiast primarily in the United States. With production from some of the most respected manufacturers in Dominican Republic, Central America and elsewhere, it is the goal of the company, to introduce the finest smoking experience a premium handmade cigar has to offer. Today, and in the future, one can rest assured that when they choose a Villiger cigar, the quality of the leaf, the manufacturing, and even the packaging will be second to none.

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