An Introduction to Felix Assouline at the 2018 IPCPR

One of the best experiences of attending the annual IPCPR Trade Show is getting to meet and spend some time with the men and women behind the cigar brands we all enjoy. This year was our 5th trade show, since launching Stogie Press, and like the past four it did not disappoint. Although there was not really any new names at the show (blame the FDA for that) there were some brand owners I have been wanting to introduce myself to. One of those owners is Felix Assouline, the owner and blender for Felix Assouline Cigars.

I was introduced to Felix Assouline Cigars by the company’s newly hired Director of Sales and Marketing – Heather Callahan – who just so happened to be running an event at one of my local cigar shops, Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge in Melbourne, FL. Once I experienced the product I knew I wanted to speak to the man behind the brand.

I was hoping to see Felix prior to the show, as he traversed across the Florida peninsula, but our schedules did not align. I eventually caught up with Felix Assouline at this years trade show and here is the video of our small chat about the brand that carries his name.