Black Smoke Miami Friday – Nothing but Love

Day 3 of the Black Smoke Miami Event has come and gone.Just like the previous days the crowds got larger while the love continued to flow. This amazing group of Brothers and Sisters of the leaf, from all  the country. We started the day with coffee on the pool deck and some swimming and sunning.My brother Melvin Bossman Robinson and I spent the early part of the day visiting with Diany Perez and Charlie Lopez from Yayabo cigars to talk  about their new release “The Admiral”. There will be more  on this cigar in the coming months but for now lets keep  it on point and as some of my new friends would say – Don’t let it off the Chain.

I have to say, the love of the leaf and the love and friendship of each other has been second to none at this event.

Once the we got into the late afternoon it was time to dress to impress and that is what we did. This was a long double-header night starting with an extended happy hour at Cafe Iguana,  which, if you have never been to, you may want to check out if you are in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area some time. The club is huge, I mean they make bank here. We starting arriving by bus loads from the hotels around 7 pm and the party grooved on for a solid 3 plus hours. Smoke filled the air, mixing with the beat of the DJ sounds and glittering lights. You can look at the slide show below and you are not going to find an unhappy person in them. Smile and laughter abound.

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As we wound down the Iguana party it was time to move to the second stop of this cigar double-header – Top Notch Cigars. This is the shop Kennedy Achille the founder for StogieTv and Black Smoke Miami used to work at. I believe it was where this dream of his was born. We boarded buses and Uber cars and an embarked on the short 15 minute drive to Top Notch and the place was already jamming. We were just going to flood this shop with bodies and more smoke and that is exactly what we did. The sea of cigar lovers flowed through the building cresting the entry way, then out the doors and down the side-walk. The music was playing the dance floor was shaking and we all  just had fun – someday people may wake up and learn that the cigar lifestyle is a unifier. We share the love of the leaf and that naturally transcends all  boundaries and the love just flows.

Friday night was just that, love – respect – friendship.

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So the night moved on and I must say I faded around 1 and headed back to the hotel. Saturday will be another double-header and I needed to be ready. First up will be the mansion party and then we smoke the night away at Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar. Stay tuned in to Stogie Press as bring the live coverage and  of Black Smoke Miami 2017.

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  • I cant stop reading this article and reliving everyday of this epic event that is captured so nicely in this art in printed form.

    • Keep reading my friend, I have more coming. Had a busy Sunday and today it has been work and preparing for Hurricane Irma. Please be safe down south Florida.

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