Cigar 101: Crux Cigars Releases Mini Film “Artisans” to Celebrate the Cigar Artisan’s Legacy

Crux cigars announced today they have released a short, three minute film highlighting the cigar manufacturing process. The film is titled ‘Artisans’ and it is a dive into cigar manufacturing through Crux Cigar’s unique point of view.

The film artistically highlights the extensive process and how workers transform raw tobacco into finished cigars. Viewers are guided from seedlings to the humidor; while featuring the curing, sorting, rolling, and packaging processes. Pieced together with a consistent flow of compelling images and unique angles not seen before in the cigar industry.

Crux Cigars Owner, Jeff Haugen stated in the press release:

“From the farmers to the final packaging team, we are blessed by hundreds of Artisans who make our vision come to life in the form of finished cigars. This video is how we celebrate the artisan’s legacy.”

You can watch this well produced mini film here: