Cigar News: Stogie Press Launches the “Taking it to the Nub” show with Shirtless Mike and Boston Jimmie

This past Saturday, February 29, 2020 – Stogie Press launched the “Taking it to the Nub” cigar show that is planned for Saturday evenings at 7 PM eastern. Each weekly episode features Stogie Press contributor, “Shirtless Mike Holmes” and Stogie Press Editor in Chief “James – Boston Jimmie – Vita” along with special guests in or related to the cigar industry.

The inaugural show, was streamed to Facebook Live and included special guest, Jessi Flores, who was previously the body guard for Jonathan Drew back in the day and after twenty years rose to be art director of Subculture Studios. He left Drew Estate last year and ventured out on his own to create custom cigar art pieces for the cigar enthusiast. The show also included a recap of the recent Smoke Inn Great Smoke cigar festival and dove into the latest US House Bill on Tobacco Regulation.

Each future show is planned to be streamed to Facebook Live and then post- produced and uploaded to the Stogie Press You Tube Channel.

In case you missed the inaugural show, you can view it here:

Stay tuned to the Boston Jimmie Facebook page for announcements of upcoming shows.