Cigar Lifestyle: A Deep Conversation with Jessi “VICTMS” Flores – Cigar Culture Artist

Jessi (VICTMS) Flores – A name as synonymous with Drew Estate Cigars as Jonathan Drew himself. For those that may not be fully tuned in, Jessi was the Director of Subculture Studios, the art side of Drew Estate. After being discovered by Jonathon 20 years ago, Jessi has been producing amazing art for the company with the help of some of the most talented artists at Subculture Studies. In the beginning of 2019, Jessi made the decision to depart Drew Estate and venture out on his own.

Jonathon Drew stated in a press release on Jessi’s departure:

“Beyond building Subculture Studios into a game changing artistic workshop, Jessi’s creative spirit and extraordinary artistic talent have been a centerpiece in the culture of Drew Estate itself. After so many years of singular focus, we understand Jessi’s need to expand his scope of creativity and explore new ventures.” 

A few months back, I was contacted by the marketing team for Jessi and was asked if I would be interested in doing an interview with him as an exclusive to Stogie Press. I was honored to be asked and agreed to do it. Jessi and I walked though his life growing up, his time at Drew Estate, how he met Jonathon, and what he is doing now.

Here for your viewing pleasure is the first interview with Jessi (VICTMS) Flores since leaving Subculture Studios.

I would like to thank Jessi for taking the time to do this interview and granting me the opportunity to conduct it. I also want to thank Andrew Hebert Productions for their awesome work in producing and editing the video:

Andrew Hebert Productions

  • Andrew Hebert – Producer/Director/Editor
  • Francis Mariela – Producer/PR Support
  • Christopher John – Camera/Audio

I also thank Greenhouse Productions for their camera and audio work in Nicaragua.

  • Kenneth Espinoza – Camera/Audio (Nicaragua)

If you want to order custom works from Jessi Flores you can contact him at:

You can also purchase his craft from the Ortez Store by clicking below

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