Cigar Lifestyle: Black Smoke Miami 2018 – Cuban Crafters

Evening number two of this years Black Smoke Miami got underway at 7PM on Thursday at Cuban Crafters Cigar Shop and Factory in downtown Miami. If there was any doubt, that this years events would not be bigger than 2017, you can lay that thought to rest. Having been to the 2017 Cuban Crafters party, I can attest, the attendance was far greater. Not only was the back party room filled like last year, but the shop it self was standing room only and the crowd spilled outside onto the front of the shop on this hot Miami night.

Black Smoke Miami 2018 - Cuban Crafters event

Black Smoke Miami 2018 – Cuban Crafters event

As was the case last year, Black Smoke Miami has been nothing but a demonstration of Love and Friendship and of course a pure passion of the leaf. There were quite a number of Black Smoke virgins in attendance (new to Black Smoke Miami) and they all told me it will be on the calendar for years to come.

Numerous Cigar brands were represented at this evenings  event, including Hiram and Solomon, Figaro, and Calá cigars. When I spoke to representatives they told me the event has been excellent as far as brand exposure and sales. Of course this was encouraging as it was the first night the brand owners/sponsors were able to set up tables.

Food this year was being served by waiters walking about with trays as opposed to last years buffet style arrangement.  There was a fine selection of libations and the bar staff kept things moving as the DJ kept the beat grooving through the night. Of course the V.I.P. ticket holders were enjoying an open bar throughout the night, and thank goodness there is Uber these days to take folks back to their respective hotels.

I have to say I departed around midnight as the previous evening caught up with this old body of mine, but looking at the social media posts the event moved on and then broke into after parties at different hotels, including the Indigo in Miami Lakes which was the host hotel last year.

Here is the slide show from the this years Black Smoke Miami 2018 – Cuban Crafters event:

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