Lounge Review: Origins and Enki Cigar Shop

Origins Cigars

Origins Cigars

This past week I was visiting Miami and kept a promise to visit Mr. Karel Martinez, owner of Enki Cigars and Origins Cigars. Karel and Stogie Press go way back, as he was one of the first brand owners to send us samples to review when we first launched our site back in 2013. We have stayed in touch ever since and when I learned about the new Origins Cigar Lounge that Karel recently opened I promised him I would make my way to Miami and check it out.

Since I was in Miami Beach, to attend the Black Smoke Miami 2018 event, I decided to take an afternoon and drive an hour down to Palmetto Bay, FL to check out his new lounge and enjoy the day with him and whoever might show up. I took my good friend, Melvin (Bossman) Robinson with me for the ride. Palmetto Bay is a  Miami suburban village with a population of about 25,000. It is nestled on the shores of Biscayne Bay and was one of the areas hit hard by Hurricane Andrew back in 1992, but looking at the village now, you would be hard pressed to think this place was leveled by a Cat 5 storm.

The shop is located in a small strip mall just off of US1 on E. Fern Street. The shop has been open for about 45 days so things are still getting built out. As we entered the shop, the first thing we noticed is the cozy seating area in the front, which I was told will soon have two cigar rollers sitting by the window through out the day. Walking into the main area of the shop, there is a wall of cigars but the area will eventually be a large walk-in humidor. A little further back is the primary seating area with comfortable black leather chairs and dominoes table. The lone television on the wall is tuned to the Cuban music channel, creating an island vibe in the lounge.

Meet the Karel Martinez

Karel gave a short tour and discussed his line of cigars with us. Check out the following video as he walks us through his shop.

As noted, the shop still has some more build out to go, but even its current incarnation, it was a comfortable lounge, and as we sat and enjoyed our time,  numerous patrons that came in to make purchases and take the time to sit and converse. We were even graced with the presence of Mr. Juan Nunez, owner of Coyabo Cigars who is a good friend of Karel

So if you are in the Miami, Fl area and want to take short drive to Palmetto Bay, check out Origins Cigars for a relaxing time and you may be surprised who you may meet, as the village and neighboring Cutler Bay, is the home to a number of personalities in the cigar business.

About Origins Cigars

ORIGINS CIGARS and ENKI CIGARS Worldwide Distribution center. Showroom, Retail, Factory, Home of the best Handcraft cigars in the world. Using 100% Cuban seeds and blends from our native country and now grown in Nicaragua and Honduras using grade A Tobacco from 5 to 7 years cured and fermented.

Origins Cigar Shop and Lounge is located at – 9865 E Fern St Palmetto Bay, FL 33157.