Cigar Lifestyle: Inside the Grind of Jennifer Nichole – By Mike Holmes

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that is how I feel about the heart of this beautiful soul, Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Nichole. Her fierce grind and positivity towards life is just part of what makes her one of the hardest working women in the Cigar industry. It is within the last couple of years that we have seen her blow up nationally as a very popular Cigar hostess, and highly sought after Brand Ambassador for companies such as Toscano, Avante Cigars, Hiram & Solomon Cigars, and Cubanacan Cigars. Jennifer Nichole isn’t just a pretty face, she has a business mind and she is on her grind! 

Photo – Courtesy of Jennifer Nichole

The Beginning

Jennifer Nichole smoked her first cigar with her father at The Balinese Room in Galveston Texas, which at one point was a hub for many famous people like George Burns, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and even ZZ Top. It was a club built on a pier and was a place filled with a rich history. It was a place they visited on many weekends to unwind and relax. I don’t have time to give you a full scope, but unfortunately, The Balinese Room was destroyed in 2008 by Hurricane Ike.

The Balinese Room in 2006 – by Bill Pollard

Since the first cigar she shared with her father, Jennifer has remained a lover of cigars and the cigar lifestyle. Her father bought a cigar shop in Galveston called Havana Alley. They settled on a historic downtown building in the heart of the city and Havana Alley began to Grow. Around 2011 Jennifer Nichole was running the shop for her dad and started to develop relationships with her clientele as well as brand owners and cigar reps. Through these connections she gained more knowledge. She also learned that people like to go to cigar shops to relax or work quietly, but they also go to cigar shops to have fun! So Jennifer began to host her own cigar parties which quickly earned her a reputation for bringing the masses out to her events. We aren’t talking small numbers either!

Taste of Success

With the taste of success, she began to host parties in other shops within the Galveston and Houston areas, and expanded all over Texas! Jennifer’s work ethic began to attract attention from other cigar shops nationally who wanted her to host cigar parties in their town. Requests kept pouring in and her demand grew to the point where she had to focus on traveling and hosting parties. She would often showcase a specific brand (not being affiliated with the company).

Eventually, she was approached by Nestor Miranda to host an event for him. Although she was never a contracted brand ambassador, that experience led her to meet the owners of Toscano Cigars at an IPCPR trade show. They wanted a brand ambassador in the U.S. to represent their brand and build awareness. Part of the requirement was being of Italian descent, so she fit the bill! She hosted numerous events with Toscano and eventually started to represent Avanti Cigars which kept her busy, traveling the United States, where she continued to expand her reach and grow her following. 

Hiram and Solomon

Jennifer Nichole was contacted by Hiram and Solomon Cigars because they needed a national brand ambassador to bring awareness to the brand. A lot of people had heard about Hiram and Solomon Cigars but there were many misconceptions that needed to be addressed. After the first event that Jennifer did in Louisiana things took off with her and Hiram and Solomon. She was able to address various questions that people had, like “Where can I find Hiram and Solomon Cigars?” or “Do you have to be a Mason to smoke Hiram and Solomon?” She would explain that although their cigars are based on Masonic themes, you do not have to be a Mason to smoke Hiram and Solomon Cigars!

Photo – Courtesy of Jennifer Nichole

Jennifer has been exceptionally busy since becoming their brand ambassador and for good reason. She gets along great with Foaud and George and they embrace her as family which is exactly how Jennifer Nichole aims to treat people. Part of her success is her ability to connect with people and make them feel like family. It also helps that she has an uncanny drive and a unique hustle. All of her success started from a dream to be in the cigar industry and eventually she found her niche’ and created her own lane

West side smokers

In addition to her success in business, Jennifer is also an integral part of the West Side Smokers – a Houston based cigar club with various chapters around Texas, Louisiana, Phoenix Arizona, Miami Florida and the Bahamas just to name a few. Before the West Side Smokers formed, Jennifer Nichole was already smoking cigars with many of the members so joining the Houston based club came natural. She’s not only a West Side Smokers member but she is their brand ambassador too, and does as much as she can to support the club when they have events. West Side Smokers also strives to support Jennifer as well. When the club comes together they don’t just send a few people…. NO! – They roll deep to any event they attend and you can’t help but see the love shown within the group. Not only does the West Side Smokers get together for herfs, but they also unite to do some good, including supporting various charities and help after major catastrophes such as helping the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian with relief efforts. Their social club is about Cigars, but it is also about doing good and helping fellow humans as well. 

Social Media & YouTube Venture

For many entrepreneurs, social media plays a huge factor in updating followers on what is going on and Jennifer Nichole is capitalizing on every social media platform, from Facebook to Instagram and now on YouTube. You can follow her adventures and  be updated on where she is going to be next. It seems like every time you turn around, Jennifer is in a new city and state representing her brands and selling some of the finest cigars in the world. Jennifer Nichole announced that her events in 2018 have produced well over $300,000 in sales so obviously she is doing something right! 

Recently, Jennifer Nichole has begun to utilize her YouTube platform to bring exclusive content from events she has done and gives her followers a look into her life on the road. She is trying to give shine to fellow Sisters of the Leaf by creating videos celebrating contributions of female cigar enthusiasts. It seems like the fellas enjoy this too because she recently released the numbers from her YouTube channel and men, ages 35-55, are her largest audience! Jennifer Nichole has started from very humble beginnings and her rise in popularity is branding her as one of the most recognizable women in the cigar industry today. 

Her hustle is strong! 

As you can tell, our Sister of the Leaf, Jennifer Nichole, is a beloved member of the cigar community. With thousands of followers on social media and a personality that lights up any room, it’s no secret that Jennifer has risen to great heights in this industry. From hosting parties to becoming a sought after brand ambassador she has taken over Texas and is well on her way to taking over the United States at the rate she is going. So if you say she just stands there and looks pretty…you are gravely mistaken! Jennifer Nichole is a BOSS and on top of her game. Mark my words she is taking over the industry! 

Photo – Courtesy of Jennifer Nichole

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7 thoughts on “Cigar Lifestyle: Inside the Grind of Jennifer Nichole – By Mike Holmes

  • Love Jennifer Nichole! Thank you for highlighting her story. Her Father and I are so very Proud of her!

    Lots of Love and Hard Work = Success!

  • Over the next year I will be highlighting even more sisters of the leaf. If you want me to feature you message me on Facebook Mike Holmes is my name and we can talk.

  • Not to brag but, Jennifer has always been able to lighten up a room ever since she was born. She has a welcoming smile and words of love and happiness.
    The family is very proud of her and her fans for treating her professionally with love.

  • Well said , Jennifer is amazing Queen and Quality lady, one of a kind strong and focus lady great and very sweet spice to the cigar industry, I’m very proud and glad to have her !!!

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