Cigar Lounge: The Underground Cigar Shop – Fort Worth, Texas

It has been a number of years since I have been to Fort Worth, Texas and the infamous Underground Cigar Cigar Shop. The last time I was there was for the NFG19 (No Fucks Given) Event before the world was hit with COVID-19. You can read my coverage of that event by following this link. That was in 2019 and so much has changed yet so much remained the same. After that event, or should I say at that event, the shop owners announced they would be moving from their current location to a building across the street. The new location would give them presence on the main road instead of the barbed wire, fenced in, area of the original shop. Don’t get me wrong, the old presence had the most grungy feel and that made the Underground what it is. People loved it, but I get it, the location would also have a larger lounge area and a new, slightly larger humidor.

The Underground Cigar Shop and Lounge
The Original Underground

Having business in Fort Worth last month, I took the opportunity to make my over to the new Underground Cigar Shop to see what’s up and check out a brick I donated to the shop. A brick you ask? Well sure – prior to the build out of the new lounge, the shop owners reached out to all their patrons, brand owners and fans, to order a brick, engraved with whatever they like, as part of the inner decor. The fans lined up and there were plenty of bricks made and they are prominently displayed in the shop. Mine, is right behind the checkout counter where co-owner Chef was working the night I arrived.

Getting To The Underground

Driving up E Lancaster Ave, the shop is easy to spot with it’s freshly painted grey brick building and signature Black and White sign. There is no yellow or red signs that say cigars. If you are looking for the Underground you know what to look for. The sign is also hanging on a light pole on the street. Don’t mind the appliance store next door with its equipment sunning themselves in the front of it. If you want to see that image just click here.

Parking was easy at the shop and there seemed to be ample parking for an average night. Overflow parking is also available on the street. There are two doors and I learned that it was the second door up the handicap accessible ramp that was the entrance. I also learned that there will be a new concrete outdoor patio added to the back side of the building this spring.

The Underground Cigar Shop is located at 6409 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112

The Humidor

Once you enter the lounge your eyes will immediately focus on the walk in humidor. It and the rest of the shop is a huge transformation from what the old lounge looked like. It is clean and neatly decorated as you will see in a moment. But first let’s walk into the humidor. There is a glass door that greets you and reminds you in bold lettering “NO SMOKING IN THE HUMIDOR“. It sad that shop owners have to say that but I guess some people have no appreciation for the sensitive product that is stored in a cigar humidor.

If you are looking for those Big Box brands you may like, the Underground may not be your place, as the humidor is stocked with boutique/small batch cigars along with some popular medium size brands. The shop has one the largest collection of such brands in the country and yes, they pride themselves in that inventory. In fact, many of the cigars in their humidor have been reviewed on Stogie Press, so if you are wondering where to get some of those brands, then head to the Underground Cigar Shop, or check out their website.

The humidor also houses member lockers which save the shop the cost of humidifying lockers. Each locker has a name plate and some are just humorous while others declare names and brand owners.

Bill Murray, where are you?

You may have seen the picture of Mr. Bill Murray in the back of the humidor and even the locker that has his name on it. You will see more paintings and plaques around the lounge that pay homage to the famed actor. Murray is not a member of the lounge, at least not yet. He has not even been to the Underground, but there is a standing bounty to anyone who can bring him to the shop. In fact Don Wiggins, owner of the Underground Cigar Shop posted on the shop’s Facebook Page:

“It’s that time of the year where we up the previous years “bounty” on Bill Murray. This year its $12,345 to the person who brings Bill Murray to the Underground Cigar Shop. Cash or charity of your choice. Stay Awesome UG.”

So there’s you chance to make some cash or help out your favorite charity…

The crew at the Underground Cigar Shop did a an awesome job with the humidor and have it well organized, clean, and properly humidified. The aroma as you walk in it, is that of cedar and aged tobacco. Exactly what you want to experience when you are looking for that perfect cigar for a night out with friends or comfortable relaxation. Speaking of relaxation, let’s move onto the rest of the lounge.

The Lounge Area

Another major upgrade to the shop is the increased square footage of the lounge area. Once you look past the humidor you will see the various seating areas in the lounge. Each with comfortable leather seating and cocktail tables to rest your drinks and ample ashtrays to catch those falling embers and nubs. The curtains behind the one seating area gives the area an old western saloon vibe and the cigar shop Indian is a nice touch. There is also an old standup piano and even a stool, if you are so inclined to bang out some tunes on the keys. Let’s hope you know how to play and if you do, maybe you can play some old fashion saloon rags.

It should be noted that the Underground does not have a liquor license but you are welcome to bring your own and they do have clean glasses , ice, and a fridge. All they ask is to be considerate and clean what you use before you leave.

More Bill Murray

I did mention that the Underground owners have a great desire to bring Bill Murray into the lounge and they have numerous art works hanging throughout the shop that pays tribute to the comic actor. Here is a sampling:

Come on Bill, if you are reading this, take a trip to Texas and say hi to some of your biggest fans. Tell them Boston Jimmie sent you, and I will donate my bounty the Autism Speaks – which is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and families.

In Closing

Now that I have had the chance to see the new Underground Cigar Shop in Fort Worth, Texas and have been to the old shop, I will say the new one is certainly an class upgrade. The few patrons that were there the night I was, were friendly and inclusive and even my work colleagues had a great time and thanked me for bringing them in. I found the lounge to be clean and well decorated and the bathrooms were immaculate also. So the next time you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area take it from me, go to the Underground. The are huge supporters of the Military and First Responders including displays of challenge coins, patches and signage paying tribute to them


The Underground Cigar Shop is located at 6409 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112

Phone: (817) 507-3640


Facebook: Underground Cigar Shop

Hours of Operation:

SundayNoon –6PM