According to Luciano Meirelles, Owner and Co-Founder of Ace Prime | Tabacalera Pichardo:

“Luciano The Dreamer is a Lancero that was released as a limited edition for no other reason, but because there has always been this stigma that Lanceros do not sell as much as other Vitolas. The success of this lancero proved the opposite. Since we launched this cigar, sales have been increasing every day. This has motivated us to develop a much larger production and launch this product as a current line in our portfolio.” –

The type of construction as well as the innovative method of draw-testing each Lancero is undoubtedly one of the secrets of the success of this Lancero. The initial release of Luciano The Dreamer scored a solid 94 on Stogie Press.

The multi-country blend is described as:

  • Wrapper – Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder – Nicaragua
  • Filler – Nicaragua and Peru

Eradio Pichardo, Co-Founder and Owner of Ace Prime | Tabacalera Pichardo added:

“In addition to a perfect flow of smoke, flavors are much more present when you have this type of construction where we use interposed ligeros and a binder with more body.” –

Effective now Ace Prime / Crowned Heads are including The Dreamer as a regular line in their portfolio.

Miguel Schoedel – National Sales Manager of Crowned Heads exclaimed:

“The response to the Dreamer has been absolutely incredible. I’m very happy that we will be able to continue to offer this lancero to our family of retailers.”

There will also be some exciting new launches coming out of Ace Prime’s Tabacalera Pichardo later this year, including new Ace Prime and Crowned Heads brands, expansions upon existing brands, and also – perhaps most exciting – the 2 exclusive blends that will be launched at PCA 2021.

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