Cigar News: Alec Bradley 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare Set to Go On Sale to Tobacconists

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. has announced that they will be celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of their Fine & Rare series by releasing 500 limited edition boxes featuring all five of the Fine & Rare iterations.

Fine & Rare is the result of Alec Bradley Cigar Co. founder, Alan Rubin’s goal of creating a cigar using an astonishing 10 different aged and selected tobaccos. Making a cigar with that much tobacco is so difficult that only a singular pair (1 Roller and 1 Buncher) are entrusted to the task. The Fine & Rare project was destined to be a limited edition.

Since 2011, Fine & Rare has seen five different iterations with 5 different blends respectively- all yearly, limited edition boxes of ten. Some of the iterations saw more than one release. For each Fine & Rare batch, Alan had the factory tuck away a part of production deep into the aging room, anticipating the day Alec Bradley would launch a commemorative set.

Alan Notes:

“I’m really excited to be able to present the Fine & Rare 10 Year Anniversary set. I went through all of the different iterations and chose the vintages that had the best overall flavor development and performance. Fine & Rare is an ever-evolving concept and leaving batches to age and re-release adds another dimension to the complexity of the project.”

Each Fine & Rare Commemorative Ltd. Edition Release box will contain:

  • 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2014 – Series Name: TA25A. Size 54 x 7 Figurado
  • 5 Cigars- Release Year: 2016 – Series Name: HJ10-i. Size: 52 x 6 Toro
  • 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2017 – Series Name: BR12-13. Size 52 x 6 Torpedo
  • 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2018 – Series Name: JRS10=(86). Size 52 x 6 ½ Toro
  • 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2019 – Series Name: HOF/506. Size 54 X 6 ¼ Boxed Pressed Toro
  • Special Undisclosed Item(s)

All of the cigars contained in the box have been in aging and are from the original batch specific to its release year. The Alec Bradley Fine & Rare 10 Year Anniversary set was originally scheduled to be released at the 2020 PCA Trade Show in Las Vegas, which was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Alec Bradley has chosen to present the 500 sets for sale during a series of manufacturer/retailer sales events dubbed “The Traveling Roadshow.” The Alec Bradley Fine & Rare 10 Year Anniversary set will retail for $600 and will ship to retailers by the end of 2020.

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Fine & Rare is artfully created at the critically acclaimed Raices Cubanas Factory in Danlí, Honduras. Raices Cubanas produces, among others, the 96 Rated Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill- Cigar Aficionado “Cigar of the Year 2011” and the 94 Rated Alec Bradley Tempus Natural Centuria- Cigar Aficionado “#5 Cigar of the Year 2017”.

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